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Before renewing your car’s road tax, did you ever enquire about the insurance’s type of sum insured?

If you did not know before, there are two types of sum insured for your car; Agreed Value or Market Value.

So, what’s the difference between them?

Besides selecting first party or 3rd party insurance coverage, you should also know the importance of agreed/market value.

In this blog, we will explain why choosing the right type of sum insured will benefit you.

Understand the Value of Your Car

The value of a car depreciates around 10-15% every year. While some cars depreciates faster over the years, what does entail for that car insurance’s sum insured?

Here’s the scenario.

The insurance’s sum insured is meant to help car owners in the event of a total-loss accident. If the car is totally paid up, the insurance money can be used to purchase a new car. However, if the car is still owed to the bank, the money can be used to pay off the balance of the debt.

Hence, the car’s sum insured should be more than the debt amount owed to the bank.

Car insurance agreed vs market value difference

Market Value Insurance Calculations

Market Value Insurance = Based on the current market value of the car at that point in time when an insurance claim is made

Market value insurance calculation example:

Your car’s market value is RM90,000 when you bought the insurance. 11 months down the road, the car’s value might drop to RM75,000. The market value sum insured will only cover you up to RM75,000 which is equivalent to how much the market perceive your car is worth.

Here’s the problem.

When a car owner still have a high debt balance, for example RM85,000 owed to the bank. The remaining RM10,000 will have to come out of the owner’s own pocket to cover the balance.

Vehicle debt balance: RM85,000
Insurance claim: RM75,000
Debt balance: RM10,000

Insufficient sum insured against vehicle debt simply means you lose. You’ve lost your car but the debt remains.

Agreed Value Insurance Calculations

Agreed Value Insurance: Based on the agreed value of the car when the insurance is purchased

Agreed Value Insurance calculation example:

Vehicle debt balance: RM85,000
Insurance claim: RM90,000
Debt balance: RM0

In this case, you will have an additional Rm5,000 after settling the bank debt.

So, which type of sum insured is better for you? It’s pretty simple.

Agreed Value Insurance = For new cars that still owe a large sum of debt to the bank
Market Value Insurance = For older cars and no longer owe the bank anything


We all spend our days driving over speed bumps and probably lost count when we get to our destination. Even though they are meant for safety purposes to slow down traffic in selected areas, some can be quite nerve-wracking.

Here, we list some of the typical speed bumps you’ll find on Malaysia roads and how each bump ranks in annoyance level.

1) The Bumple Bee

Annoyance level: ⊗⊗

Usually found around residential areas and less busy roads. Due to its wide and thick design, driving through it doesn’t cause much discomfort at a slower speed but speeding over it will definitely make your car fly.

2) Mini Bumple Bee

Annoyance level: ⊗⊗⊗

These are abundant in those lorongs where you take your shortcuts to avoid the traffic. If you overcome one of these, get ready for 10 more ahead.

3) The Rubber Bump

Annoyance level: ⊗⊗⊗

For those who like shopping malls, these are a common sight. This speed bump by itself is not a challenge but try looking for a parking spot in Mid Valley during weekends. By the time you find a vacant spot after going around 20 times, be sure to check your wheels if they are still intact.

4) The Royal Rumble

Annoyance level: ⊗⊗⊗

These are called rumble strips and they seriously do rumble your everyday life out of place. Driving through these feels as if your car is falling into pieces. “I don’t feel anything in my City.” Hold it right there, buddy. We are ranting on behalf the thousands and thousands of Peroduas and Protons out there, mkay. Peace.

Carput Car Battery Instalment
5) The Let Me Cross Please?

Annoyance level: ⊗⊗⊗

These speed bumps act two ways; to slow down traffic and as a pedestrian-crossing. Not much of an annoyance but you’ll feel a strange feeling in your gut if you don’t slow down. Also, if you see any pedestrian attempting to cross, have mercy and give way lah okay.

6) The ‘Welcome’ to the Neighbourhood

Annoyance level: ⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗

This one, Mr D.I.Y. approves. The fact that these speed bumps are not installed by the authorities means that its physics are not regulated. You can almost feel the pain in your own skin going through one of these. Try to avoid roads and lanes having these around at all cost.

7)The Inverse Speed Bumps

PotholePhoto credit:

Annoyance level: ⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗

AKA potholes. Plentiful on Malaysia roads but you’ve got to admit that these ‘bumps’ are really effective in slowing down traffics. A seasoned Malaysian driver, however, can skillfully avoid these easily.

8) The Combo

Annoyance level: ⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗

Don’t judge a speed bump by its hump, guys. If you drive towards one of these thinking it’s just a speed bump and never have you been so wrong. A not-so-happy-meal combo indeed.
Do you find speed bumps a problem in your every day’s drive? How do you deal with annoying speed bumps? If you can relate to this pain, share it with your friends!

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Your car battery will tend to die on you without any warning. It can happen suddenly and to make it worse, it is when you least expected it like in the middle of the month.

Like it or not, you have to replace your car’s dead battery but this unplanned spending will definitely make a dent on your monthly spending budget.

First in Malaysia:

Carput is offering its customers 3 interest-free instalments for any car battery purchases!

You can now split your payments for a brand new car battery into 3 payments from as low as RM59 a month.

Here’s how:

Car Battery Price: RM179
3 Months Interest-Free Instalment: RM59.67 + RM59.67 + RM59.66

Cheap right?

Carput Car Battery Instalment Plan

1. Instalments with 0% Interest

No service charge, no interest, no hidden charges. The total price you will pay for the instalment plan is exactly the same for cash purchase. Carput will absorb any form of charges and cost to offer this plan to our customers. We understand times are hard and we are doing this to help you out.

2. Three-Month Instalment

The instalment plan is valid for 3 months. If you make your purchase today, you will only be charged 1/3 of the car battery price today, and the remaining instalment will be charged automatically on the 2nd and 3rd month.

3. Debit Card Accepted

Don’t own a credit card? Don’t worry, as long as you have a debit card issued by any financial institution. Just add your card details and your first instalment will be deducted upon confirmation.

4. Instant Approval

No processing fees, credit checks or waiting time. You only need to set up your account with our payment provider and your purchase will be approved immediately!

How Does Carput’s Car Battery Instalment Work

1. Shop for Your Car’s Battery

Shop for your car battery as usual on our website at or using the Carput app from Playstore and Apple Store.

Bateri Kereta Ansuran Murah Malaysia


2. Car Battery Delivered to Your Doorstep

Sit back and relax while our technician delivers the car battery to your location for installation. The technician will perform thorough checking to determine if your car does require a new battery or a jumpstart will do.

3. Pay on the Spot

You only pay after the service is completed. We will send you an SMS with a link to process your payment.

The SMS looks like this:

Carput Bateri Kereta Ansuran


Click on the link and it will bring you to the checkout page where you can verify the payment amount.


Beli Bateri Ansuran

After verifying the amount, you will then register an account to enable the instalment plan. Upon completion of payment, share your successful transaction screen to the technician. 

That’s it! Carput Car Battery Instalment plan is easy and accessible to everyone. Order your car battery with Carput today and enjoy interest-free instalment!


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Hyped with the launch of Proton X50? At a price tag starting from RM79,200, you’ll get a bunch of awesome features that most other cars in its price range don’t. 

But don’t forget that the Proton X50 will have higher maintenance cost compared to older Proton car models which are generally cheaper.

You’re probably wondering:

How much does the Proton X50 car battery cost? Where can I get a car battery replacement for my Proton X50?

As the car battery expert, we will share with you the cost Proton X50 car battery and its recommended battery size.

What’s the car battery size for Proton X50?

The Proton X50 is factory fitted with the DIN60L car battery.

Proton X50 Car Battery

Aftermarket, you can opt for these alternative car battery sizes:
DIN55 – lower specification
DIN62 – higher specification

What’s the bottom line?

We always recommend a car battery replacement that is equivalent or an upgrade to the factory specification car battery.

Any car battery that is a downgrade will have unwanted complications to the car’s electronic system.

How much does the Proton X50 Car Battery Cost?

Now that you know the recommend car battery size, you’ll want to know the price.

At Carput, you can get the DIN62 car battery at this price:

Camel - DIN62
Want to know the best part?

The Camel car battery brand is actually the original brand fitted to the Proton X50 in the factory. This is because they are the supplier to Proton!

Of course, when you purchase a car battery from Carput, we will deliver and install for free. You’ll only pay for the cost of the car battery!

Will My Proton X50 Warranty Void If I Replace The Car Battery Outside Of The Service Centre?

The short answer is no.

Like your tyres, car battery is categorised under ‘wear & tear’ and as long as you replace to a recommended car battery specification, your car’s warranty should not be affected.


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The magic eye of a car battery is there to check on the condition of your car battery. But how reliable is the magic eye indicator?

Sometimes you will come across a dead battery even when the magic eye is telling you that the battery is healthy. Is this blog, we will explain to you the function of the magic eye and why you should not depend solely on its indicator.

Anatomy of the Magic Eye

There are 4 main parts of a magic eye. Only the head and ball of the magic eye are visible to you. The colour you see in the magic eye’s indicator is actually a ball place inside the car battery. 

Magic eye anatomy

How Does the Magic Eye Work?

The coloured ball will float when its surrounded by the well-charged electrolyte in the car battery. On the other hand, the ball will sink when the electrolyte is under-charged. Another phase is when the electrolyte is at a low level where you will see a clear magic eye.

Magic eye indicator


A pretty simple mechanics. But why can’t we rely 100% on the magic eye to tell the condition of a car battery?

Construction Of A Car Battery

If you notice, there are 5 to 6 vent plugs on top of a car battery. These vent plugs are designed to fill the car battery which is made up of 5 to 6 individual plate compartments.

Car battery construction
However, the magic eye will only show you the condition of a single plate compartment. So, when the magic eye tells you that the battery is in good condition but you can’t start your car, there are possibilities that the other plate compartments are in a bad shape.

In short, the magic eye is not really reliable and definitely not accurate in measuring a car battery’s health.

How To Check Your Car Battery’s Condition

The most accurate way to check your car battery’s condition is using a multimeter. Even better if you use a dedicated battery tester. 

Check the battery condition readings, check the car’s charging system, and check again the battery’s readings.

A good battery should be able to keep its charge overnight at 12V and above without a problem.



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You are in a desperate situation and there are too many car battery options to choose from. Do you have the time to make the car battery price comparison? Definitely not, right?

Even to compare the car battery brands, there are more than 10 brands available in the market. Which car battery is longer lasting than the other, which one gives the best performance, which model suits your car and most of you don’t have the answer. Right?
To avoid being cheated, it is best to make the necessary car battery price comparison. In a connected world of the internet today, making these comparisons is really convenient. You can confidently make the right choices, but there can also be too many information available on Google. You might end up being more confused.

Hence, the solution to all this mess is to use CARPUT! We offer you high-quality car battery at very reasonable prices. We provide delivery and installation service to your location in less than 45 minutes! Unbelievable? Check out what our customers have to say in the play store, app store and Google where we successfully maintain an average of 4.9 stars rating! We believe in transparent pricing and to give the best service.

We provide FREE delivery and installation service for all new car battery purchases throughout MALAYSIA!

Car Battery Price List 2020.

Car Battery Price Malaysia 2020

For the complete car battery price list, click here >> Car Battery Price 2020

It is important for you to know that all new car batteries bought at any workshop carry a warranty period of up to 18 months and in the event of a claim would you rather push your car to the workshop or will the workshop operator come to your rescue? However, with CARPUT, we will come to you whenever you have any problems with the car battery within the warranty period and 1-to-1 replacement will be honoured if the car battery is deemed faulty.

You’ll never have to stress about a dead car battery ever again. Not convinced we are the cheapest?

Transparent Car Battery Price! Never Get Cheated Again!

1. Easy – Get help in just a call away. Everything you need for car battery assistance on your smartphone.
2. Safe – You’ll know who’s coming to your rescue. Details of our technician are in your CARPUT app (name, car plate number, car model).
3. Transparent – You’ll only have to pay exactly the amount that is quoted. Nothing more, nothing less!

Want to know the car battery price for your car model? Download the CARPUT app for FREE, click here >>


Carput Car Battery Instalment

Carput testimonials

For any enquiries or bookings, call us at 1800-1800-10.


Car breakdowns are unpredictable. Period.

But, you can now request for help quickly and accurately using the Carput app.

We believe in using technology to reduce response time and increase customer satisfaction, all while you can be sure that we will take care of you from the moment you tap on the Rescue button in the Carput app.

Car Battery & Bateri Kereta Malaysia

How to get started with Carput app

download carput on app storedownload carput on google play
1. Get A Quote

With the handy Carput app on your phone, you will never have to panic or stress when looking for assistance anymore. We design the app to be user-friendly and intuitive while keeping the whole process of requesting for assistance super-efficient.

At Carput, we believe in utmost transparency when it comes to pricing, hence you will know upfront how much you will have to pay. Nothing more, nothing less. 


2. Book and Track

After booking, you will receive the details of your Carput professional because your safety is our no. 1 priority.

You will know who is coming to your rescue and how soon he will arrive at your location. 

3. Pay and Review

Carput technician processing a credit card payment using the AirPOS By GHL.

We accept a variety of payment methods like cash, credit card and any of your preferred eWallets. You’ll never have to worry about not having enough cash 

Tell us your experience, good or bad so that we can continue to improve our service to serve you better. 


More Reasons to Have the Carput App


1. Service history

All your service records are available in the Carput app where you can always check on your service history at a glance. This will help you make preventive car battery replacement before it fails on you.

2. Resources to help make you a better driver

From step-by-step guide on how to jumpstart your car safely to the car accident guide, we’ve compiled these resources to give you some useful tips when you needed it the most.

3. Refer a friend and save

What are the things you exclusively share only with your best friend? Get up to RM50 off when your friends sign up on CARPUT with your invite code!

Bateri Kereta Mati? CARPUT Bantu Segera, Hantar Percuma


Not all cars are created equal! Their car batteries, too.

Today, the car battery market space is filled with too many unfamiliar brands that you can count… So, how do you choose the best car battery?

At Carput, you can have peace of mind knowing we offer only proven* reliable car battery brands at competitive prices…

…that saves you the hassle to survey online or even nearby car battery shops for the best deal. Here, you will get a quick glance at our comprehensive range of car batteries and insight on choosing the ideal car battery for your very own car.

Car Battery & Bateri Kereta Malaysia

Best Buy – Century Roadmaster

(15 Months Warranty or 25,000KM Mileage)

>> Shop for Century Roadmaster car battery here <<


The Century Roadmaster car battery range is our best-seller. At an effective price, you will enjoy an additional 3 months warranty compared to most brands out there in the market.

That simply means more peace of mind for your daily drive to work or just getting things done.

The Roadmaster is recommended for most car makes whether it’s a Perodua, Honda, Toyota or Proton.

Extended-Warranty – Century Ultramax

(21 Months Warranty or 30,000KM Mileage)

>> Shop for Century Ultramax car battery here <<


The Century Ultramax is recommended for cars heavily equipped with electronics. Older model premium cars will definitely benefit from the premium Century car battery due to its higher capacity build.


This car battery is recommended for older continental cars without sophisticated i-stop technology. 

Sizes available are DIN75, DIN85 and DIN100.

Budget-Friendly – Camel

(12 Months Warranty or 25,000KM Mileage)

>> Shop for Camel car battery here <<


Camel is China’s leading car battery brand with years of reputation. We offer the Camel car battery at a very affordable price to make it a no-brainer option for unexpected car battery replacement.

While it is friendly to your pocket, you can expect uncompromised reliability from the Camel car battery.


Recommended for Perodua and Proton, the Camel range is available in all sizes and also EFB models for idle start/stop cars.

Performance – Amaron

(18 Months Warranty or 30,000KM Mileage)

>> Shop for Amaron car battery here <<


With an Amaron battery under your car’s hood, you know that your car, big or small will start without a problem. With the balance between quality and value, Amaron has built a strong reputation for super long lifespan under the toughest of conditions.


Its patented silver alloys (SILVEN X) ensure low-corrosion to make it last really long. Amaron Go range of batteries is suitable for Perodua, Proton, Honda, Toyota, Mazda car models.


Sizes available are NS40ZL, NS60L, NS60R, NS70L/R, 55D23L, DIN55L/R and DIN65.


Top of the Line – Varta AGM

(12 Months Warranty or 25,000KM Mileage)

>> Shop for Varta AGM car battery here <<


AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. This technology is found in Varta Silver Dynamic AGM batteries. AGM technology is designed to handle the toughest electrical loads required in new cars with premium features such as regenerative braking.

It delivers outstanding performance for powerful engines and highly equipped cars. Offers up to 3x extended cycle life compared with a conventional battery. (A conventional lead-acid battery last only about 1-2 years) 

Boasts high starting power and reliable performance. Plus, the design ensures the battery will not leak, even if the case is broken. If your car comes with advanced Start-Stop functionality, ideally you will want to install an AGM battery because a conventional car battery just won’t suffice.

So, your BMWs, Mercedes or Volkswagens are best fitted with an AGM battery.

Sizes available are DIN70, DIN80, DIN95 and DIN105.


Bateri Kereta Mati? CARPUT Bantu Segera, Hantar Percuma


At Carput, our car batteries are competitively priced to be cheaper than your average workshop and service centres! Compare our prices HERE

Carput car battery delivery service is designed to be fast and hassle-free. The average rescue time for a car battery is as quick as 45 minutes!

Our service is available daily from 7 AM till 11.30 PM in KL-Selangor, Johor Bahru, Melaka, Seremban, Ipoh and Penang.




Do you want to know the truth about Carput’s car battery delivery service?

You’ve probably came across some reviews about Carput. Some give good, positive reviews, and some express critical reviews. So how can you know the truth if there’s an equal number of positive and negative reviews about us?

It’s simple. You just need to look at some of these honest reviews.

You don’t have to search high and low for reviews on the internet because this article curates some of the critically good and bad reviews.

Carput Review

We understand the underlying fear and doubt when we just get to know a brand or service. Especially when most of the reviews you find on the internet skew towards more favorable recommendations.

Many people have different opinions. Several people claim to have various experiences with Carput.

But before we give you the truth behind the reviews about us, allow us to share a little about us, the people of Carput.

Car Battery & Bateri Kereta Malaysia

What is Carput?

Carput is Malaysia’s #1 roadside assistance company, rescuing drivers whose car has broken down by connecting them with qualified roadside professionals.

The Carput team is a young, diverse team committed to getting you back on the road. We are building a culture of trust, over-delivering and one that isn’t afraid to say we are sorry.

We are ready to disrupt the automotive services industry by leveraging on technology to provide a more efficient and better service for all.

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

At Carput, we deliver not only quality products to our customers but also hospitality that sets us apart from our competitors.

Car Battery at Competitive Prices

Let’s be honest here. When we are paying for something to move further away from pain, for example, medication, will you praise the pharmacist because the medicine is cheap?

We just want the pain to go away as soon as possible. The same applies to a dead car battery.

Honesty, the Best Policy

At Carput, we are in the automotive assist not for a quick buck but for the long run. We understand the feeling of being vulnerable to unscrupulous roadside assist practices.

Also, we consider ourselves very lucky to have amazing individuals in our team. We can always train inexperienced technician for the job, but we cannot train moral values.

We are Fast, Really Fast

Thanks to the efficient delegation of tasks and strategic placement of technicians, we are able to reach you in an average time of 30 minutes.

Sometimes, we couldn’t keep up too…

We are constantly finding ways to improve our rescue efficiency but there will always be a point where we just couldn’t keep up with the number of requests coming in. 

And this happens…

Nobody’s Perfect, neither is Carput

We are still a growing company and we are bound to disappoint some of our customers due to operational constraints.

This next review by Asher Looi hits the bullseye in that aspect. As a team, we still have a lot of work to do and we know we are not going on this journey alone.

The Warranty Dilemma

The truth about our car batteries is that we are at the mercy of our suppliers. When it comes to a car battery warranty claim, we do not have the final say.

We want to make everyone happy especially our beloved customers. But, we have to adhere to warranty claim procedures set by the manufacturers.

But, we will not hesitate to give a 1 to 1 car battery replacement if we deem the battery is faulty due to manufacturing defects for no additional charges.

The Carput Experience

We can’t promise we can be fast 100% of the time, nor can we promise that the car battery you bought from Carput is the cheapest.

But, we promise that your experience with us will be pleasant and stress-free. When you call Carput for help, you can be assured that we will be there to get you back on your journey safely.

For more reviews about Carput, check them out here:


Facebook Reviews | Google Play | Google Reviews

Bateri Kereta Mati? CARPUT Bantu Segera, Hantar Percuma