Having a car that won’t start is a real hassle – especially if you’re rushing, don’t have any jumper cables or an extra car to use.

When you bring your car to your workshop, are you even sure they are installing the right car battery for your car?

Car batteries come in as many as 17 different sizes with different configurations of positive terminals (right or left), smaller terminal heads and specifications. Not to mention, there are at least 30 different brands here in Malaysia!

As a rule of thumb, you will want to fit the car battery that meets your car manufacturer’s original specifications.

At Carput, we have worked with different car manufacturers and developed an intelligent car battery matcher to help our customers decide on which car batteries to choose from.

Our car battery matcher instantly filters out car battery sizes that will not fit on your car.

Underspec vs Overspec

The idea of car battery under-specification and over-specification has been around for a long time with mechanics and engineers having different opinions about it.

It’s obvious that installing a car battery with lower specifications than the manufacturer’s recommendations will result in a quick death for the battery, but what about a battery with a higher specification?

A battery with a higher amperage will actually only need more time to complete a full charge from the alternator, which means the alternator is working extra hard to get the battery full.

However, depending on the size of the car battery, we believe that the impact in installing a more powerful battery in your car is pretty minimal.

Regular vs Start-stop Cars

The new invention of start-stop cars came in the last decade or so – but what impact has it made in the car battery world?

What kind of car battery do we need when dealing with these cars? We first have to think about the role of a car battery in a car, which is to provide sufficient energy to start a car.

With a regular car, the car batteries are called to action once for every trip – every time you fire the ignition.

However, with start-stop cars (Perodua Myvi Advance) we are dealing with cars that are automatically shutting the ignition and firing it again at every stop.

A start-stop car kills its engine whenever the car comes to a complete stop and starts the engine again when the brake pedal is released. A start-stop car actually requires a higher-spec car battery because it needs the power to be able to start the car multiple times per trip.

A common example is with the older versions of Perodua Myvis with the newer, start-stop version. Regular Perodua Myvis are traditionally fitted with the NS40ZL size car batteries, but the ones with start-stop function actually have to use the M42 size.

The M42 battery is actually an enhanced flooded battery (EFB) and should not be confused with the NS40ZL battery which is a standard lead-acid battery.

The EFB technology brings an improved charge acceptance and greater cyclic durability when operating in a reduced state of charge, perfect for the start-stop Perodua Myvi.

Check out our list of M42 car batteries here.

Standard vs AGM Batteries

AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. This technology is found in Varta Silver Dynamic AGM batteries. AGM technology is designed to handle the toughest electrical loads required in new cars with premium features such as regenerative braking.

It delivers outstanding performance for powerful engines and highly equipped cars. Offers up to 3x extended cycle life compared with a conventional battery. (A conventional lead-acid battery last only about 1-2 years).

Boasts high starting power and reliable performance. Plus, the design ensures the battery will not leak, even if the case is broken. If your car comes with advanced Start-Stop functionality, ideally you will want to install an AGM battery because a conventional car battery just won’t suffice.

Check out our list of AGM car batteries here.

The next time you are getting a car battery replacement, be sure to ask your mechanic if he is installing the recommended car battery for you.

Want to know your car’s battery model and size? Check here.


Driving a Continental car like a BMW, Mercedes or Audi is great.

Costs of an AGM car battery, however… Not so great.

But did you know that modern luxury cars require an AGM car battery and not the regular one?

Does it really have to be that way?

Well, it turns out, you can get a replacement Varta AGM car battery at a fraction of the price official service centres are selling…

…that saves you at least RM600 for that same peace of mind. And here, you will learn what an AGM car battery is (you get what you pay for)…and exactly how you can conveniently get it delivered to your doorstep.AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. This technology is found in Varta Silver Dynamic AGM batteries. AGM technology is designed to handle the toughest electrical loads required in new cars with premium features such as regenerative braking.Now, this is crazy:

The key feature of this technology is the absorbent Glass Mat material which holds the battery’s acid like a sponge to ensure constant contact between the plates and the absorbed electrolyte.

But you’re probably wondering:

“Does my car really need such battery with advanced technology?” This is especially important if you own a luxury car which you probably take for a cruise only during the weekend. Very likely, that car demands the highest energy due to its extensive accessories.

So, what makes an AGM battery stands out from its flooded lead-acid inferiors?

Here’s the kicker:

It delivers outstanding performance for powerful engines and highly equipped cars. Offers up to 3x extended cycle life compared with a conventional battery. (A conventional lead-acid battery last only about 1-2 years)

And it gets better:

Boasts high starting power and reliable performance. Plus, the design ensures the battery will not leak, even if the case is broken. If your car comes with advanced Start-Stop functionality, ideally you will want to install an AGM battery because a conventional car battery just won’t suffice.

Start-Stop Vehicles

If you drive a Mazda or high-end Toyota models like Vellfire, Alphard, Estima and Wish, most likely these cars are equipped with the start-stop technology. (Not to be confused with engine push start)

That’s not all:

The technology first gained popularity in Europe and the U.S. market in model-year 2013 vehicles. So, your BMWs, Mercedes or Volkswagens are best fitted with an AGM battery.

Start-stop vehicle technology automatically shuts off the engine when your vehicle stops, such as at a traffic light or in stop-and-go traffic, and restarts it quickly and quietly when the clutch is engaged or the brake pedal is released.

But there’s a catch:

When the engine is off, the battery is the sole source of power to all the car’s electrical devices, such as air conditioning, the radio and the navigation system. And, in advanced start-stop systems with features like regenerative braking or passive boost, the battery is stressed even more.

Order Your AGM Battery with CARPUT for Peace of Mind

Here are the prices for AGM batteries as of January 2019:
AGM Varta Silver Dynamic DIN70 – RM1100
AGM Varta Silver Dynamic DIN80 – RM1250
AGM Varta Silver Dynamic DIN90 – RM1400

Of course, prices listed are inclusive of delivery, installation and trade-in of your old battery (Specifications of these AGM batteries are similar to those offered at service centres). To complete the service, we do offer system fault reset on the spot for every AGM battery replacement. That saves you the trouble of bringing your car to the service centre.

You get into your car and start it just like any other day, everything seems fine. But there is an unfamiliar icon flashing on the dashboard, then you think to yourself “What sorcery is this?”.

It’s just one of the many ways your car is built to communicate with you, in this case it’s a form of a warning light.

You might have a wild imagination of what the symbols mean, but who am I to judge? 😛

But here is a list to explain what each of them means and what you should do.

1. Failed Helicopter Design

Severity Level: ΔΔΔΔΔ

No, you won’t be flying in your car. It’s the engine warning light.

This could indicate potential engine damage. You may experience some unusual complexity – for instance a lack of power, it is as if your car is limping caused by misfire, or the engine just doesn’t respond normally.

More likely than not, it could be as small as a faulty sensor in the car. You should get it diagnosed straight away to prevent further and potentially irreparable damage.


2. Genie in a Bottle

Severity Level: ΔΔΔΔΔ

You won’t be making any wish come true. It’s the oil warning light.

This will light up if the oil temperature gets too hot, the amount of oil is insufficient or oil pressure drops too low. Inadequate oil and low oil pressure is something you want to avoid.

The oil pressure prevents it to be pulled by gravity to the bottom of the engine. Drop in oil pressure can be caused by a faulty oil pump, a leaking oil pipe or insufficient oil in the engine.

You should stop the car immediately and turn off the engine if you see the warning light. Check the oil level and top it up if needed. If the problem persists, give the professionals a call.

 3. Steamboat!

Severity Level: ΔΔΔΔ

Sure you wish it means steamboat time on a rainy day. It’s actually the brake warning light.

Your car’s brakes are the most crucial component of the vehicle. It’s likely that you left the handbrake on, just make sure it’s fully released.

If the light is still lit, it could be that your car is low on brake fluid or something more severe. Or it could be just the sensor is faulty.

A faulty braking system can be quite apparent. If the brake pedal is less firm and hits the floor when you push it, you should not be driving the car until it is fixed!

4. Robot wink 😉

Severity Level: ΔΔΔΔ

It’s the battery charge warning light, folks.

It is commonly mistaken to be solely a car battery issue. It’s actually a problem with the charging system.

It could be a faulty alternator, bad car battery, connection loss or damaged cable in the engine bay. When there is no charging, your car is running only on the remaining electrical power left in the car battery which runs out pretty quickly. Your car will just shut off while you are driving on a highway!

Affects of failure can be of many possibilities. Do not jump to conclusion but instead explain the symptoms to your car experts and make sure they check the entire charging system.

5. Samurai On-board

Severity Level: ΔΔΔ

You won’t be killing any Bill. But you and your passengers should fasten the seatbelts. On some cars, this warning comes with a unpleasant noise too.

6. Satay Celup or Lok-lok

Severity Level: ΔΔΔΔ

It’s not really something tasting great in your engine. The temperature warning light indicates that the engine is running too hot or coolant is insufficient in the system.

In worse case scenario, you will be left stranded with steam covering the engine bay. This could be cause by a malfunction car radiator or worst a blown head gasket.

Stop the car immediately if you see the warning light as driving hot for too long may lead to total engine failure.

7. You’re Drunk

Severity Level: ΔΔΔΔ

Nope, not guilty as charged. It’s the traction-control warning light. 

You’ll normally see this when the wheels loose grip, usually in the rain. Your car is giving you an indication that you are close to the limit of grip. Meaning you should slow down.

If it’s on constantly, it might be that the traction-control is deactivated. Deactivation could be by you switching the system off or by fault. If it’s the latter, you should get it checked.

8. Espresso Glass Empty

Severity Level: ΔΔΔΔ

No it’s not your morning caffeine fix. This tyre-pressure sensor warning is more common on newer car models.

The system consistently monitors the tyre pressure and gives a warning when there’s a drop in pressure. Optimum tyre pressure is crucial for a safe drive, so do check and inflate your tyres whenever you see the warning.

9. Suicidal Smartphone

Severity Level: ΔΔΔ

This is pretty much self-explanatory. When the amount of fuel left in the tank passed a certain level, the low-fuel warning light will come on.

When it comes on, you have approximately 80-100km of range, lower if your car have a smaller fuel tank. It is designed to give you enough warning to find a fuel station.

10. Acrobatic Stunt

Severity Level: ΔΔΔΔ

If your car is running on diesel, this is the glow plug warning light.

Diesel-powered vehicles use compression and temperature to generate combustion in the air/fuel mixture. Glow plugs are used to turn up the heat and the symbol indicates a malfunction plugs or even the computer system that controls them.

Complications with glow plugs can induce early and late combustion, and the symptoms is a rough engine noise and not running smoothly.
These warning symbols are not challenge badges that you collect like when you were a scout. Take these warning lights seriously as you may not know what will happen to your car the next moment if you decide to ignore it. Download the CARPUT app for roadside assist for towing, car battery change, jumpstarts, flat tyre help and emergency petrol delivery.

carput, car breakdown

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If you know Amaron car batteries, you should check out Amara Raja’s new range of batteries.

PowerZone batteries inherit the credibility, technological superiority and high standards of customer satisfaction owing to its lineage of brand Amaron which is perfect for the Malaysian climate.

Now available at CARPUT to offer you even better options of reliable brands of batteries.

The new PowerZone batteries offer better performance with higher power output, higher reserve power capacity and higher CCA (Cold Cranking Ampere), thereby, enabling optimum power delivery at low temperatures.

The new range of leak proof & environment-friendly Powerzone batteries is preloaded with best in class vent design that is spill-free and easy to handle which adds to a whole new convenience.

If you are looking for a reliable car battery for Perodua, Proton, Honda, Toyota, Mazda and other major car make models, give this a shot! 

Sizes available are NS40ZL, NS60L, NS60R, NS70L and 70D23L.
All Powerzone batteries installed with CARPUT comes with 18 months or 30,000KM warranty (petrol) / 10 months or 20,000KM warranty (diesel).

Bagi korang yang pernah hubungi CARPUT, inilah wajah hensem disebalik suara call center CARPUT.

Keperluan pelanggan adalah keutamaan tugas Kapten dalam team khidmat pelanggan. Tugas-tugas Kapten ini bukan mudah sebab situasi yang ditangani di atas talian tidak dapat diduga. Tapi, Kapten kami sedar bahawa keselamatan dan kepuasan pelanggan adalah motivasi mereka.

Bertemulah dengan Kapten CARPUT Anda

Nama samaran: Kapten Ahmad.

Peribadi: Ramah dan selalu bersemangat menerangkan segala soalan yang ditanya.

Bahasa: Fasih dalam Bahasa Inggeris dan BM.

Syif kegemaran: Syif pagi sebab ‘No kopi, no life’.

Pengalaman #KaptenAhmad dalam bidang automotif sangat membantu beliau menasihati pelanggan yang memerlukan nasihat pasal kereta.

Nama samaran: Kapten Sasi.

Peribadi: Tetap sabar dalam situasi genting.

Bahasa: Bahasa Malaysia, Inggeris dan Tamil.

Syif kegemaran: Kami syaki Kapten Sasi adalah Batman.

#KaptenSasi berasal dari Seremban. Beliau tak pernah mengeluh penat walaupun berulang-alik dari Seremban dan Petaling Jaya untuk memenuhi tanggungjawabnya sebagai Kapten.

Nama samaran: Kapten Ivan

Peribadi: Mesra

Bahasa: Bahasa Malaysia dan Inggeris.

Syif kegemaran: Fleksibel.

Sebelum ini, #KaptenIvan pandu Grab di Lembah Klang dan memang dah biasa terkandas di atas jalan. Ivan faham perasaan seseorang pemandu apabila tidak dapat meneruskan perjalanan dan beliau akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk menghulurkan bantuan secepat mungkin.
Walaupun digelar Kapten Carput, individu yang bekerja disebalik tabir ini adalah insan biasa yang melakukan tugas seorang hero. Muat turun aplikasi CARPUT untuk mendapatkan servis yang cepat dan mudah!

When the hotline rings, the customer service team is the first responder to all distress calls.

With the heart that puts a customer’s welfare first, Kaptens in the customer service team strives to make your unpleasant ordeal a little better. They are trained not to hear but rather listen to your needs.

Meet your Kapten CARPUT

Temperament: Guardian angel. Never gets angry no matter the situation.

Language: Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Tamil.

Shift: The night owl.

Kapten Sasi comes from a small town called Seremban. Every day, he travels at least 120KM (to-and-fro) to work on his ever-reliable motorbike.

Temperament: Friendly with a little twist of wit.

Language: English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Shift: Flexible.

Before Ivan joined CARPUT, he was driving for a ride-hailing company. He decided to be a Kapten because he could help even more people get to their destination safely especially drivers and passengers alike.

Temperament: Gentle and sometimes too timid.

Language: Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia and English.

Shift: Morning with an extra dose of coffee.

Kapten Ahmad may look young but he is a loving husband and a father. Though he is soft-spoken, his vast knowledge of cars is valuable when it comes to diagnosing a car problem through the phone.
Download the CARPUT mobile application to get quick and easy roadside assistance!

Berita baik buat korang yang berpeluh-peluh bimbang pasal kereta rosak! CARPUT kan ada…

carput, car breakdown app
Apa tu CARPUT? CARPUT ialah satu aplikasi yang dicipta khas untuk memberi perkhidmatan bantuan yang CEPAT dan PROFESIONAL untuk kerosakan kereta. Perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan oleh CARPUT bertujuan untuk membolehkan anda meneruskan perjalanan ke destinasi dengan selamat.

Kerosakan kereta yang tak diduga memang satu keadaan yang tersangat stress. Nak call member semua jauh lah, sibuk lah. Habis nak Grab pula risau kalau kereta tinggal lama kat sini. Malang memang tidak berbau.

Sesiapa pun tidak dapat gerenti kereta dapat start 100% setiap kali tapi apa yang boleh kita buat adalah sediakan payung sebelum hujan. Meh, kita tengok apa servis-servis yang ditawarkan oleh CARPUT ni.

1. Hantar dan pasang bateri kereta

2. Penundaan Kereta (Towing)

3. Bantuan Tayar Pancit

4. Servis Jumpstart

5. Penghantaran petrol kecemasan

Hantar Petrol

Pasti anda tertanya-tanya kenapa guna CARPUT?

carput app, track technician
Semua pomen CARPUT dipantau dengan teknologi GPS di mana pelanggan boleh jejak anggaran masa ketibaan pomen. Ciri ini memastikan bantuan kecemasan akan dilakukan secara telus dan cekap.

Kami faham situasi dan perasaan seseorang pemandu ketika terkandas dalam perjalanan. Sebab itu, CARPUT bermisi untuk menyediakan penyelesaian yang mudah, cepat dan lebih dipercayai untuk situasi yang terdesak.

Harga pula macam mana? Hah! Yang ni penting sebab semua nak tahu

CARPUT menawarkan harga yang patut dan telus. Sebelum mengesahkan pesanan anda, harga tetap akan tertera dalam aplikasi CARPUT tanpa caj-caj tersembunyi. Pelanggan hanya perlu bayar apa yang telah dipersetujui.

Kami bukan nak syok sendiri. Tapi senyuman in tak akan tipu.

Rating 4.9 bintang dekat Facebook membuktikan tahap khidmat pelanggan kami bertaraf tinggi. car battery delivery, carput. customercar battery delivery, carput. customercar battery delivery, carput. customercar battery delivery, carput. customercarput, customercar battery delivery, carput. customer

Apa tunggu lagi. Jangan pula kelam-kabut cari orang tolong masa tengah kecemasan nanti.

Laman web rasmi | Facebook | Google Play | Apple Store

Bateri kereta tak boleh hidup? CARPUT sedia membantu!

CARPUT ialah satu aplikasi yang dicipta khas untuk memberi perkhidmatan bantuan yang cepat dan profesional untuk kerosakan kereta termasuk masalah bateri kereta.

Kenapa Nak Guna CARPUT?
1. Bateri kereta yang berkualiti tinggi
2. Hantar dan pasang PERCUMA dalam masa 30 minit
3. Harga akan dipaparkan sebelum confirm order. Tak perlu takut kena ketuk!

Talian Tol Bebas: 1800-1800-10

Muat turn aplikasi CARPUT: bit.ly/2emmgAC

carput, car breakdown app

Tak payah nak cari kedai bateri kereta!

Kami boleh hantar ke kawasan sekitar Georgetown dan Seberang Perai termasuk Balik Pulau, Bayan Lepas, Jelutong, Gelugor, Air Itam, Batu Ferringhi, Tanjung Bungah, Butterworth, Bukit Mertajam, Perai dan banyak lagi.

Pomen CARPUT yang profesional dan berpengalaman luas akan hantar dan tukar bateri kereta baru di lokasi anda.

CARPUT telah membantu lebih daripada 15,000 kereta di KL, Penang dan JB.

tukar bateri kereta

Bateri Kereta Amaron – Bateri Kereta Yang Paling Tahan Lama!

amaron battery malaysia

Harga dari RM220

Perodua Myvi, Alza, Honda City – RM220

Proton Saga, Toyota Vios – RM230

Nak tahu harga bateri kereta anda?

> Muat turun aplikasi CARPUT untuk harga tetap: bit.ly/2emmgAC

Perlukan bantuan untuk bateri kereta anda di Penang?

Bayar untuk bateri kereta sahaja! Kami hantar dan pasang di lokasi PERCUMA! Call 1800-1800-10 sekarang atau buat pesanan dalam aplikasi CARPUT. Klik sini untuk muat turun aplikasi CARPUT: bit.ly/2emmgAC


The first thing you should know is that a car battery’s lifespan is fixed and there’s nothing you can do to extend it beyond that. But, there are things drivers often do that cause the battery to die early. Learn how to care for your battery and be rewarded with a long battery life.

1. Limit short rides

Shorts distance trips prevent your car’s battery from a full charge cycle. Over the long run, this will reduce the charge capacity of the battery and its lifespan. Instead, go for a long distance drive once a week during the weekend to give the battery a full charge it deserves.

2. Once a month routine inspection

Battery terminals corrode over time, but keeping them clean from buildup is a great way to extend the life of your car battery. Scrub the terminals with a toothbrush dipped in a baking soda and water mixture. Then, using a spray bottle with cold water, rinse the mixture off and follow up with a thorough drying with a clean cloth.

3. Don’t use electronics when idle

Turn off functions like the radio or air conditioner when your engine isn’t running to put less wear and tear on your battery power. Extended periods of idling also can wear a battery down. And not to forget, don’t charge your smartphone before starting your car’s engine.

4. Keep Your Battery Tightly Fastened

A battery that’s not securely fastened could end up vibrating, potentially resulting in internal damage and short circuits. Have your battery terminal checked regularly, especially if you frequently drive on bumpy roads.

5. Check your car’s alternator

If your alternator is bad it will results in ineffective recharging of your battery and dramatically shorten your battery’s lifespan.
No matter how well you maintain your car battery, you can’t always foresee when it may die. That’s not a disaster because you can always count on CARPUT’s trusted car battery assistance if your car battery ever fails on you.