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Amaron Go

18 months warranty or 30,000km mileage*


Amaron, a brand of Amara Raja Batteries is among the largest selling automotive battery manufacturer in India.

Amaron is the only battery that contains the patented SILVENX - that's what gives it the power to last long.

*for petrol-powered passenger vehicles


18 months warranty or 30,000km mileage*


Camel batteries are China's leading car battery brand with years of reputation to back. They have the largest automotive battery plant in Malaysia, based in Kuantan.

We offer the Camel car brand at a very affordable price to make it a no brainer option.

*for petrol-powered passenger vehicles
*Camel EFB battery - 12 months warranty/15,000km mileage

Century Roadmaster

15 months warranty or 25,000km mileage*


For over 50 years, Century has been providing Malaysian drivers with tough, reliable and efficient automotive batteries.

The Roadmaster brand is charged locally and delivered to us on a weekly basis, meaning you will be getting the freshest batteries.

*for petrol-powered passenger vehicles


12 months warranty or 25,000km mileage*

VartaDIN100 (1)

Varta automotive batteries are powered by Clarios, a world leader in advanced energy storage solutions.

8 out of 10 newly manufactured vehicles with start-stop technology are fitted with Varta AGM or EFB batteries.

*for petrol-powered passenger vehicles


24 months warranty or 30,000km mileage*


Established in 1937, Banner battery is Austria based battery brand with the biggest battery factory in Linz-Leonding.

With warranty coverage of 24 months, Banner becomes a popular alternative for continental car owners.

*for petrol-powered passenger vehicles

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