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Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Car Battery

When you are spoilt with choices, most of the time it can be confusing to choose especially when it comes to a car battery.

There are countless of car battery brands out there in the market and each has it’s own USP and unique features. As a consumer, what should you be looking for in a car battery?

In this article, we will share some tips that will make it easier for you to choose the best car battery for your car

1. Types of Car Battery

In Malaysia, there are two main types of car battery; wet battery and dry battery (maintenance-free).

But, do not mistaken even though it is popularly called dry battery, it is still filled with liquid acid. A true dry battery where no liquid is present is costly and rarely found in Malaysia.

However, a dry battery commonly found in Malaysia simply means that it doesn’t need maintenance unlike a wet battery.

A maintenance-free car battery lifespan is about more than 1 year and it will start to deteriorate until it is flat.

So it’s easy, you only need to choose between a wet battery or a dry battery. Simple as that.

2. Car Battery Specifications

This can be slightly technical and every car battery size will have different specifications. For example, a Proton Saga’s car battery:

Car Battery A: NS60R (46B24R)
Car Battery B: NS60R (55B24R)

NS60/24R refers to the dimension of the car battery (width, length and height) while 46B/55B refers to the capacity or specification of the car battery. The higher the number, the higher its specification (CCA, AH,RC).

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Most of the time, you will only need to worry about the size of the car battery. Different cars will have different car battery sizes.

3. Car Battery Warranty

To choose a car battery based on brand can be quite difficult. One will say brand A has better quality than brand B. But, another will say brand B lasts longer than brand A.

To make things easy, choose a car battery that comes with longer warranty period.

Why is warranty important? It’s because in the case where your car battery dies within the warranty period, you’ll most likely to get a one-to-one replacement.

For example, you purchase a car battery with 18-months warranty and it dies 17 months down the road, you can claim for a replacement that could last you for another 1 to 2 years.

Hence, it is important to choose a car battery with longer warranty period. However, you must know that the warranty only covers manufacturing defects. A faulty battery that is caused by your car or negligence on your part will not be covered under the warranty terms and conditions.

In this scenario, you will not be given a one-to-one replacement but you only need to recharge your car battery for it to work again.

At CARPUT, you can get a car battery that comes with 18-months warranty at affordable prices!

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4. Car Battery Warranty Claim Procedure

It is important to fully understand the warranty claim procedure when you purchase a car battery. The shop/company that you purchase the battery from will fulfill the claim process.

If you happen to purchase a car battery from a shop that operates from 9AM to 6PM, you can only claim the warranty during that business hours.

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Or if you bought from a shop that doesn’t open on Sundays, you will have to wait until Monday to claim your car battery’s warranty.

And if you purchase from a shop that does not provide delivery service, high chances you will have to walk in to their shop to claim a new battery.

Based on these probable scenarios, it is also important to choose a shop or service that is most convenient to your needs.

At CARPUT, we are open every day from 7AM to 11PM even on public holidays. Besides that, we also offer delivery and installation service for FREE, you only need to pay for the car battery.

Our warranty procedure is designed to get you moving again by providing you with a temporary battery while we help you test/claim from the car battery manufacturer. In the event that your car battery is proven faulty, you can drive in to our branch to complete the warranty claim in the next 30 days.

Also, you do not need to provide a receipt to claim your warranty because we have everything recorded on our system. So easy!

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