types of ev chargers in malaysia

EV Charging Malaysia – Types of EV Chargers

Depending on where you are, there are three main types of EV charging available in Malaysia.

The power outputs of these chargers will determine their type – Level 1 (Slow), Level 2 (Fast), or Level 3 (DC Fast Chargers). The power is measured in kilowatts (kW).

These chargers will have their own set of connectors designed for low- (Slow) or high-power (Rapid or Fast), and for either AC or DC charging.

Now, while you’re trying to digest that:

In this blog, we will explain the three main charging station types you will come across.

types of ev charger malaysia

Types of EV Chargers

Level 1 Charging : Slow Chargers

  • Charging Output : 1.44kW – 1.92kW
  • Charging Time (for a 40kWH car) : Approximately 17 hours
  • Uses a single phase, AC Configuration
  • Charging units are either untethered (removable cables) or have tethered cables
  • Usually used for home charging, workplace

Level 1 EV charger is usually the power chord charger that is usually given for free when you purchase an EV car. It’s a simple charger that is compatible with a wall outlet in your house to start charging your car since it only requires a single phase, AC configuration.

Due to its low charging output, these Level 1 chargers are more common for PHEV cars, or EV cars that you use only for short-distance traveling/weekend cars that you use occasionally.

Level 1 chargers are the type of chargers you use overnight or park and charge during your working hours. Usually owners would keep the charger inside the car, just in case they couldn’t find any charging spot for their car.

Level 2 Charging : Fast Chargers

  • Charging Output : 3.1kW – 22kW
  • Charging Time (for a 40kWH car) : Approximately 4- 8 hours
  • Uses a single phase, 3 phase AC
  • Charging units are either untethered (removable cables) or have tethered cables
  • Usually used for home charging, workplace, public parking
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Level 2 chargers are the type of ‘box’ chargers that you usually see in public spaces, where usually people park their cars for 1-2 hours to ‘top-up’ their vehicle while doing errands (shopping, meeting, exercise).

For those who are driving an EV as a daily-driven car, it is recommended to have a level 2 charger installed at your home for your own convenience. You will need to hire a third-party installer to help you do the installation as it will involve wiring to ensure the safety of the home circuit.

EV home charger malaysia

For level 2 chargers, you can either use a single-phase AC or a 3 phase AC. The maximum output for a single-phase AC is 7.68kW while a 3 phase AC is 22kW. Most home electrical configuration is single-phase AC, therefore an upgrade is required to support 3 phase charging.

With an average charging time of 4-8 hours, it is definitely much faster and more convenient than a level 1 charger.

Level 3 Charging : DC Fast Chargers

  • Charging Output : 50kW – 120kW
  • Charging Time (for a 40kWH car) : Approximately 30 minutes – 2 hours
  • Uses a Direct Current, DC Configuration
  • Charging units have tethered cables
  • Usually found on highways, RnR

Level 3 charging is the fastest level of EV charging available. It is much more powerful than Level 2 chargers as it uses direct current (DC)s, thus why you would not find anyone installing it at their home. A Level 3 charger installation itself would cost more than the EV car!

While DC fast charger has a maximum output of 50kW, a Tesla Supercharger (only available for Tesla) would be able to deliver up to 120kW! However, Tesla Supercharging station is not available yet in Malaysia (as of Oct 2021).

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Due to its high output capacity, level 3 chargers are commonly found on highways or routes where long-distance travel takes place.

It can recharge an EV to 80% as fast as 20 minutes depending on the charging station model. However, an average EV would take around an hour on a standard 50kW rapid charge point because the car will reduce charging speed as the battery gets closer to its full charge.

EV Chargers Malaysia FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does all EV cars Use The Same Connectors?

No. There are several types of charging connectors available in the market. You could read up more about it HERE.

Can I Install A Level 2 Charger At My House?

Yes. You may install a level 2 charger for your house by engaging any independent 3rd-party installer. Do note that it would require an electrical upgrade to your electrical system in order for it to provide a 3 phase output.

Where Do I Find A 3rd Party Installer?

You are at the right place! CARPUT provides home EV chargers installation service. We help to consult the best solution, provide a top-quality charger and the best installation workmanship to ensure the safety of your car and your home.

How much does it cost to install a level 2 charger?

The cost of the charger from CARPUT would cost you around RM3,000-5,000 with installation depending on the brand and the configuration that you prefer to setup.

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