how much does charging ev cost in malaysia

How Much Does It Cost To Fully Charge Your EV in Malaysia?

Are you planning to get yourself an Electric Vehicle (EV) soon but wonder how much will it cost you to charge your car? Then you are at the right place to drop here! We are going to show you some calculations for you to make a comparison and better understand the EV that you purchased/are about to purchase.

Let’s do some math!

Cost To Charge Your EV at Home

First of all, you have to understand your TNB Taarif for a residential home. As you are aware, the more electricity that you use, the higher rate you will be charged for. The latest residential TNB rate (as of 1 Jan 2018) is as follows :

First 200kWh per month : RM0.218 sen/kWh
Next 201k – 300kWh per month : RM0.334 sen/kWh
Next 301k – 600kWh per month : RM0.516 sen/kWh
Next 601k – 900kWh per month : RM0.546 sen/kWh
Next 901kWh onwards per month : RM0.571 sen/kWh

In this article, we will be taking the highest rate (RM0.571) as our standard rate for calculation.

So if you own a car with 40kWh capacity (eg : Nissan Leaf), the cost of charging your car from 0% – 100% would be :

RM0.571 x 40 kWh = RM22.84

But of course, there will be energy loss during the charging process due to several factors, so let’s assume the loss is at 16%. Factor in the loss, the average cost to fully charge your car at residential rate would be :

RM22.84 x 116% = RM26.49

So the maximum charge for a residential home, to fully charge your Nissan Leaf would be approximately RM26.49.

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Let’s compare the cost to charge EV with the biggest battery capacity and smallest battery capacity available in Malaysia.

Biggest battery capacity : BMW iX (105.2kWh) = RM69.68
Smallest battery capacity : Renault Zoe (22kWh) = RM14.57

In case you are wondering about the cost of other car models, here’s the cost to fully charge other EV cars that is available in Malaysia’s market.

Mini Cooper SE (29.8kWh) = RM19.74
Hyundai Kona (39.2kWh) = RM25.96
BMW i3s (42.2kWh) = RM27.96
Porsche Taycan (71kWh) = RM47.03
Tesla Model 3 (50kWh) = RM33.12

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