Making Roadside Assist Safe with Vaccinated Technicians

2 years into the pandemic and Malaysia is still far away from achieving herd-immunity against the deadly Covid-19 virus.

While the national immunisation programme is picking up its pace, millions of Malaysians have yet to get their first vaccine dose.

A golden opportunity:

When the government announced a special immunisation programme for the AstraZeneca vaccine, many of us braved the stigma to be inoculated ahead of the scheduled phase.

At Carput, we encouraged as many of our technician to get their first dose as soon as possible. We are proud to say that 50 per cent of our technicians have gotten their first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The True Meaning of ‘Kita Jaga Kita’

Our team members are part of the Carput family and we take care of our people. But more importantly, we are also responsible for the wellbeing of our customers because you are also our people.

You deserve to have the option to choose a safer service and our vaccinated technicians allow for a low-risk service to be rendered.

So, please feel free to request for a vaccinated technician to attend to your orders. However, we are still working very hard to get our team to be 100% vaccinated so your request will be based on availability of our vaccinated technician.

Meet Our Team of Vaccinated Technicians

Vaccine Technician Sanmuga Carput

Sanmuga has been with Carput for 3 years and has maintained a great work attitude. Customers often praise his professional workmanship and his friendly personality.

Saving an average of 7 customers a day, being vaccinated means he can continue to rescue stranded drivers with more peace of mind.

Vaccine Technician Yoga Carput
Vaccine Technician Nazrul Carput

We are on a new mission to make Malaysia safer by vaccinating our team. Remember, you can request for a vaccinated technician by asking our customer service team for your next service with Carput.

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We hope you will do your part too. If you haven’t register for vaccination, we encourage you to do so at

Keep your distance, wear your mask, and stay safe. Here’s to a better Malaysia soon!

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