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Motor Insurance No Claim Discount – NCD Rate in Malaysia

What is NCD? No Claim Discount Affects Your Motor Insurance Premiums Directly Only On Renewal of Policy No Claim Discount is a form of reward by the insurer to you (the policyholder) for not making a claim on your insurance policy within an annual basis. What does that mean? When you buy your first comprehensive …

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开车的朋友们最怕遇见的事情就是汽车罢工。这种时候心情已经很不好了,如果再遇到乘火打劫真的很气! CARPUT | 诚实与透明化的服务 使用CARPUT寻求安装电箱的服务时,你可以直接在app看到电箱的牌子及价格。递送和安装在以下地区都是免费的:吉隆坡,雪兰莪,森美兰,槟城和新山。 目前2017年11月 NS40 (适用于Perodua, Honda City)的价格: 想查看其他车款的电箱价格?按这里下载CARPUT >>     为什么要使用CARPUT? 我可以找朋友或保险公司啊! 1. 省麻烦 – 不需要麻烦朋友,也不用痴痴的等保险的救援。 2. 超安全 – app提供预救援人员的资料如姓名,车牌,所在位置和抵达时间。 3. 透明化 – 所有服务的价钱都显示在app里面,不需要担心被骗钱! CARPUT提供的服务: 汽车电箱更换/ Jumpstart – 更换备胎 – 紧急汽油递送 – 拖车 现在就下载CARPUT app吧! 按这里下载>> 等到车start不到才下载就太迟了!

Car Insurance : Difference Between Agreed Value vs Market Value

Before renewing your car’s road tax, did you ever enquire about the insurance’s type of sum insured? If you did not know before, there are two types of sum insured for your car; Agreed Value or Market Value. So, what’s the difference between them? Besides selecting first party or 3rd party insurance coverage, you should …

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Kim Buns
Kim Buns
I used carput app to order a new battery to be delivered the same day. Received phone call from carput informing me that my existing battery bought from carput 11 mths ago was still under warranty. I decided to purchase a new battery anyway as I knew my existing battery was not in good condition although still working. Carput changed my battery in just 15 minutes. The service man was polite and knowledgeable.
Lydia Oon
Lydia Oon
fast service. reliable. knowledgeable team . friendly and polite. will definitely recommend and call again if need help!
Pam Choo
Pam Choo
Its my first time using Carput services. I love how they kept following up to make sure I am informed about when the mechanics are coming. Also appreciate that I can pay via mobile transfer. Definitely will call back for future

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