We all trust a familiar face

You leave all your car problems to your regular workshop because you can count on them to get it fixed. Or you call your friend who knows a little more about cars than you for help. And sometimes, you are blessed with a random act of kindness from a stranger. It is definitely a great feeling to know that someone is there for you.

A constant act of kindness – Kapten CARPUT

Though it may sound silly to call ourselves Kapten CARPUT, we believe the work we deal with day-to-day are highly emotional and delicate. Whenever you are in a stranded situation, you can bet on us to pick up your call and be there for you. We are all ordinary Malaysians that understand the struggles of the daily commute to work, to school, or just to get some chores done.

Doing the work of a superhero

We are on a mission to disrupt the roadside assistance industry with our services that prioritise your needs first. Days of unscrupulous workshops and unreliable roadside assistance are numbered.  So, who is Kapten CARPUT? Rather, we are a team of dedicated professionals ready to give you the best of roadside assistance.

How can Kapten CARPUT help you?

When you are unable to get your car started due to a dead car battery, Kapten CARPUT can deliver a new battery to you in 45 minutes. Or if you’ve got a flat tyre, leave the tough job to the Kapten. Just think of Kapten CARPUT as your best buddy for all things car related.


When the hotline rings, the customer service team is the first responder to all distress calls.

With the heart that puts a customer’s welfare first, Kaptens in the customer service team strives to make your unpleasant ordeal a little better. They are trained not to hear but rather listen to your needs.

Meet your Kapten CARPUT

Temperament: Guardian angel. Never gets angry no matter the situation.

Language: Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Tamil.

Shift: The night owl.

Kapten Sasi comes from a small town called Seremban. Every day, he travels at least 120KM (to-and-fro) to work on his ever-reliable motorbike.

Temperament: Friendly with a little twist of wit.

Language: English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Shift: Flexible.

Before Ivan joined CARPUT, he was driving for a ride-hailing company. He decided to be a Kapten because he could help even more people get to their destination safely especially drivers and passengers alike.

Temperament: Gentle and sometimes too timid.

Language: Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia and English.

Shift: Morning with an extra dose of coffee.

Kapten Ahmad may look young but he is a loving husband and a father. Though he is soft-spoken, his vast knowledge of cars is valuable when it comes to diagnosing a car problem through the phone.
Download the CARPUT mobile application to get quick and easy roadside assistance!

I founded CARPUT Roadside Assistance after having a horrible experience changing a car battery (by a very reputable roadside assistance company), back when I returned to Malaysia in 2013. I was given empty promises on their arrival and waited for 2.5 hours before a technician arrived.

When he finally got my car started up, I was grossly overcharged for a car battery for my mother’s Proton Satria. This was a vast difference from the transparency, customer service and reliability that I have experienced when working abroad.

CARPUT - Malaysia's #1 Roadside Assistance Mobile App
The automotive services sector in Malaysia has always given a bad name for itself, especially when it comes to customer service. In a nutshell, there was a lack of empathy towards customers who may be stranded, rushing and left with no other options.

In fact, many would argue that these people take advantage of this situation. In 2016, I launched CARPUT Roadside Assistance to assist Malaysian drivers to get back on the road knowing that their welfare is being taken care of. The CARPUT team, at its core, is one that cares about the customer. If we’re going to be late, we will tell you that we will be late. Unlike our predecessors, we display our prices proudly – in case of any confusion. Every single decision made in CARPUT has its’ customers in mind.

After 30,000 rescues, I am proud to say that with the help of our technology, we have brought our response time down to 43 minutes on average. We have come this far and still have a long way to go. We thank each and every single one of our customers, partners and employees for believing in our cause — especially in our early days. Happy 3rd birthday, CARPUT. – Eugene Tan, @eugtann

*Download the CARPUT mobile application to get quick and easy roadside assistance!
car battery delivery, carput. customercar battery delivery, carput. customer


Howdy, Ipoh!

CARPUT has successfully expanded our service area to cover Ipoh and is ready to get you back on the road. CARPUT is a mobile application for car breakdown services. That means you will be getting reliable car breakdown assistance with transparent pricing in the palm of your hands.

carput, car breakdown app


1. It’s easy, fast and safe. 2. CARPUT services come with transparent pricing. 3. Well-trained professionals are equipped with the right tools to handle your break down needs. 4. 4.9 star average ratings from customers.

Battery Delivery to Your Doorstep

We deliver to many places in Perak including Tambun, Jelapang, Meru, Menglembu, Silibin, Sri Ampang, Gunung Rapat, Simpang Pulai, Penagkalan, Station 18, Bandar Botani, Batu Gajah, Pusing, Seri Iskandar, Teronoh and others.

Flat Tyre Rescue

change flat tyre
If you ever experience a flat tyre, we help you change to a spare tyre so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

We have come a long way

CARPUT has successfully rescued more than 15,000 cars in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru with the numbers growing rapidly every day. Look at these happy faces when CARPUT came to the rescue!     car battery delivery, carput. customer car battery delivery, carput. customer flyfm dj maggy

Here are what our customers have to say about our services.

Call 1800-1800-10 for immediate assistance or download the CARPUT mobile app today and be prepared for any car breakdowns! CARPUT services are available from 7AM to 11PM every day.

carput, RM50 discount

Attention all drivers in Klang Valley! You don’t have to worry about being stranded with a broken down car anymore.

CARPUT is a mobile application that allows drivers to request for immediate assistance for car breakdowns. With just a few taps on your mobile, you get access to fast, reliable and transparent services when your car gives up on you.

carput, car breakdown app

Car Battery Delivered To Your Doorstep

mekanik CARPUT

Reliable Tow Trucks Around KL and PJ

towing service kl

Change Your Flat To Spare Tyre

change flat tyre


We understand how frustrating car breakdowns can be.  That’s why we created CARPUT to provide easier, faster and more reliable solution for sticky car situations.

More importantly, CARPUT offers transparent pricing. You will be able to see the exact price that you are going to pay on the CARPUT app before you confirm your order. No more rip-offs from questionable service providers! Look at these happy faces when CARPUT came to rescue.

car battery delivery, carput. customercar battery delivery, carput. customer

We Have Come A Long Way

CARPUT has assisted more than 15,000 cars in the Klang Valley and the number is growing rapidly. Here are what our customers have to say:

What are you waiting for? Download the CARPUT app now in case any car problems. You never know!

Enjoy RM50 OFF CARPUT services when 5 friends sign up using your invite code. Learn more here.

CARPUT services are available in KL, PJ, Shah Alam, Subang, Puchong and other areas in the Klang Valley from 7AM to 11PM everyday. Our services are also accessible on the hotline: 1800-1800-10. carput car battery delivery



CARPUT的宗旨是快速有效的帮你解决车坏的问题。这个APP已经推出有段时间,开车的朋友们可以到Google Play StoreApple App Store下载。

为什么要使用CARPUT? 我可以找朋友或保险公司啊!

1. 省麻烦 – 不需要麻烦朋友,也不用痴痴的等保险的救援。 2. 超安全 – app提供预救援人员的资料如姓名,车牌,所在位置和抵达时间。 3. 透明化 – 所有服务的价钱都显示在app里面,不需要担心被骗钱! carput, track technician carput, price


汽车电箱更换/ Jumpstart – 更换备胎 – 紧急汽油递送 – 拖车 除了拖车,全部的服务都是由CARPUT的专业汽车维修员包办的。他们在60分钟内就会达到来帮助你。拖车则是由可靠的合作伙伴负责,但CARPUT会确保价格合理和良好服务素质!


FlyFM 和 LiteFM的DJ也都使用过CARPUT哦!  CARPUT, customer


现在就下载CARPUT app吧! 按这里下载>>
等到车坏才下载就太迟了! 赶快和好友们分享这个讯息吧。只要有五个朋友用你的invite code登记你就会获得RM50的折扣!每位你邀请的朋友也会获得RM10折扣哦!最重要的是他们车坏的时候就不会再麻烦你了~ download-carput

Today, CARPUT celebrates it’s sixth month of helping drivers with car battery replacements, flat tyre changes, towing services and petrol delivery – on demand! As we usher in the new year, here’s a little recap on what we have been up to in 2016 and what you can expect from us in 2017. pano_20161205_120921 We launched our breakdown assistance service and the CARPUT app in July 2016 with the aim to give Malaysians a better way to get automotive assist help when they need it. When we first came about with the idea of CARPUT, we were just two people running an online car battery delivery service. Today, we are a team of THIRTEEN strong from all walks of life including automotive technicians, automotive enthusiasts, data scientists, engineers, marketers and one 97% introvert. And we’re still 100% committed to the CARPUT mantra – to get drivers back on the road, quickly and safely. Our focus when we launched was to fulfill car breakdown needs in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, but we had to quickly extend our services to the Greater Klang Valley. We are fortunate to have fantastic technicians and tow partners working with us and holding up our values of transparency, reliability and excellent customer service. We are firm believers in leading with feedback and data, and have developed a feedback system so that our customers will always have a voice so we can improve. 2016 was our infancy year, and a year of learning for the team. We dipped our toes into new verticals and explored the strategies around it while capitalizing on the available mobile technology today to enhance the experience of our users. We analyze and interpret the data we gather to better predict and place our technicians so they can get to drivers quicker! Overall, we’re absolutely thrilled to have been able to serve our customers and if we have made mistakes, we apologize. The CARPUT app was designed for users to quickly pin, select and track the whereabouts of our CARPUT professionals. We want to eliminate the need for back-and-forth calls and deliver peace of mind to the stranded driver. One of the biggest feature we have added is the chat feature, where a CARPUT user will always be able to pop a question to one of our technical customer service guru’s at any point in time. promocard We are always looking to create more value to our users and we are excited for 2017, where multiple features will be added to the CARPUT app. This new, improved version will not only enhance the current car breakdown experience, but also your experience in owning a car as a whole. Want to know more about it? Remember to download the CARPUT app now, and you’ll be notified when it happens! Our first six months has been absolutely nail-biting, where we learned more about helping other people and their needs during a stressful situation. As a team, we also benefited from exploring technology and what’s possible from it, potential partnerships and what’s required to outperform industry standards. 2016 is a year of firsts for CARPUT. We’ve experienced some great and not so good times. Here’s our top five!



2. First Tow (Out of a Longkang)


3. First Luxury Car Rescue


4. First Audio Review!

5. First Injury 🙁 Get well soon, comrade!

injured Finally, as we close out 2016, here’s to every single CARPUT user out there, for trusting us to help you solve your automotive problems and for helping us spread the word about CARPUT. 2017 is just around the corner, and we’re ready to deliver an even better experience in getting you back on the road.

In Malaysia, the landscape of automotive assist is confusing, unreliable and lacks transparency. We’re heading into times where technology, if paired with great customer values, are able to solve these issues. These are a couple of problems drivers are facing in today’s auto-assist industry: – Overpaying for service – Unresponsive professionals – Complicated web of call-centres – Not sure if and when help will arrive – Not sure where your car is being towed to (and notorious releasing fee’s!) carput, phone, mobile app CARPUT is an extension from The Battery Shop, a company that offers delivery and installation of batteries. A company that’s primary focus is YOU. We feel that by bringing this focus to other aspects of auto-assist such as towing and flat tyres, we will be solving a real problem that Malaysian drivers are having. We’re passionate about mobile technology and keeping up with the times. Our mobile technology enables us to bring better services and improved transparency. These are some of the features that our customers can enjoy: *TRACK your car as it’s being towed to YOUR nominated location *Pricing is TRANSPARENT, you’ll always know what you’re paying for *CHAT or CALL us, we have operators dedicated to helping you get back on the road *Get help EASILY with just a few taps on mobile *FAST – We’ll aspire to reach you in 45 minutes or less! While having a mobile application certainly helps elevate roadside assist as a whole, it certainly doesn’t end there. We aim to be THE service provider that Malaysians can depend on, and that can and will happen when the main focus is YOU. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Download CARPUT here.
CARPUT wants to be the automotive solution for Malaysian car drivers – be it a car battery problem, flat tyre, or other unrelated automotive problems that requires a tow. Requesting for help with car breakdowns has never been so easy. carput, car battery change flat tyre Car kaput? #thinkCARPUT What are you waiting for? Get CARPUT on your mobile now!