CARPUT – Why Now?

In Malaysia, the landscape of automotive assist is confusing, unreliable and lacks transparency. We’re heading into times where technology, if paired with great customer values, are able to solve these issues. These are a couple of problems drivers are facing in today’s auto-assist industry: – Overpaying for service – Unresponsive professionals – Complicated web of call-centres – Not sure if and when help will arrive – Not sure where your car is being towed to (and notorious releasing fee’s!) carput, phone, mobile app CARPUT is an extension from The Battery Shop, a company that offers delivery and installation of batteries. A company that’s primary focus is YOU. We feel that by bringing this focus to other aspects of auto-assist such as towing and flat tyres, we will be solving a real problem that Malaysian drivers are having. We’re passionate about mobile technology and keeping up with the times. Our mobile technology enables us to bring better services and improved transparency. These are some of the features that our customers can enjoy: *TRACK your car as it’s being towed to YOUR nominated location *Pricing is TRANSPARENT, you’ll always know what you’re paying for *CHAT or CALL us, we have operators dedicated to helping you get back on the road *Get help EASILY with just a few taps on mobile *FAST – We’ll aspire to reach you in 45 minutes or less! While having a mobile application certainly helps elevate roadside assist as a whole, it certainly doesn’t end there. We aim to be THE service provider that Malaysians can depend on, and that can and will happen when the main focus is YOU. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Download CARPUT here.

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CARPUT wants to be the automotive solution for Malaysian car drivers – be it a car battery problem, flat tyre, or other unrelated automotive problems that requires a tow. Requesting for help with car breakdowns has never been so easy. carput, car battery change flat tyre Car kaput? #thinkCARPUT What are you waiting for? Get CARPUT on your mobile now!

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