You’re driving down the Federal Highway, praying to get out of the traffic jam soon, and suddenly, your car sputters and just, dies.

Nightmare? Yes. Dangerous? Definitely.

We don’t want you to be the topic of tomorrow’s newspaper’s headline so here’s a quick guide to the TOP 3 REASONS why your vehicle will carmikaze on you while driving, and how to prevent it from happening.

Reason 1: A Faulty Battery

A bad or faulty battery is one of the most common reasons. 

You think ‘ah, my battery’s gone dead’ when your car doesn’t start. But a faulty battery is like Loki, it tricks you into thinking all is ok because you’re driving like normal, but your car will run the risk of stalling.

When the battery isn’t doing its job, the alternator works harder to keep your electronics (including your engine system) running. An overworked alternator causes even more stress on the car engine and before you know it, boom. Your car stalls.

A car battery normally lasts you a good 1.5 to 2 years, longer for higher-end batteries. If you feel that it’s time to get your car battery replaced, check with these guys so that you have peace of mind the next time you are on the road.

Reason 2: A Faulty Alternator

Know what the alternator does? When your engine is running, the alternator charges the battery and supplies additional electric power for the vehicle’s electrical systems.

 It’s common to misunderstand that changing to a new battery will get the problem solved.  A brand new battery will go dead quickly without proper charge from the alternator. The alternator and battery run hand-in-hand to keep your car going.

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When your alternator is sending out an S.O.S, you’ll notice the red battery light flicking on next to your dashboard meter. When you see this, stop somewhere safe immediately and call your trusted auto assist company to get it towed to safety.

Reason 3: Failing Fuel Pump

SBF fuel pump
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If your fuel pump gives up on you, you will not be able to restart your engine. Be careful what fuel you feed your car. More often than not, a simple mistake of pumping petrol into diesel cars, or pumping diesel into petrol cars is enough to screw things up.

The way you maintain your car also plays an important role to prevent unwanted car failures. Take note of that slight buzzing sound when you first start your car. If you don’t hear it and you can’t start your car, it’s likely that you have a malfunctioning fuel pump.

Again, your best bet is to get your car towed to the nearest workshop to get it checked out.

The battery, alternator and fuel pump aren’t the only culprits when your car dies off you while driving. We’ve come across many cases that are due to the ignition system, a defective speed system, an overheated engine, a bad MAP sensor (that thingy that reads the air and fuel ratio).. but if this happens to you, have a look at these top three reasons before moving on to the rest.

As always, you can always give us a call so we can give you free on the phone diagnosis if this happens to you.

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