These 5 Smart TAG Woes Will Make You Facepalm

These 5 Smart TAG Woes Will Make You Facepalm

When was the last time you had the ultimate SMH (shake my head) moment? If you use the Smart TAG device on your daily commute you will understand the frustration that comes with it. If there is any chance to make you feel totally humiliated, the Smart TAG lane is your best bet.

You’ve decided to invest in a technology that will make your driving life easier because it is claimed that the Smart TAG lane is 16 times faster than the cash lane. Here’s 5 different scenarios the Smart TAG bummer can make you feel so embarrassed.

1. No money, no honey

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You simply forgot to reload your Touch ‘n Go because you are too busy chasing cars and after money. This scene is also common in Touch ‘n Go lanes.

Don’ts: Taking out your cheque book and start issuing a cheque to the toll personnel. Or call your father, mother, wife, husband, uncle or aunty…

Do’s: Carefully reverse your car when you are instructed by the system, you can request for assistance using the intercom. Wait for the toll personnel to come over and you will need to pay the fee with cash. Please remember to reload because life is too short to perform a synchronised reverse car.

If you don’t have the auto-reload feature, have a spare Touch ‘n Go card in the car at all times for moments just like this. Since it’s a backup card, you just have to maintain a sufficient amount of credit to pass anyone toll.

2. Battery delivery, please?

The continuous beeping sound is actually a warning mechanism to tell you the battery is low. Even the seat belt alarm fails to annoy a driver, what can the Smart TAG beeping sound do against human stubbornness? There is nothing much you can do because CARPUT doesn’t deliver Smart TAG batteries.

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Don’ts: Go online shopping for a battery replacement on the spot.

Do’s: Again, if you have to reverse do it with care until you see a Touch ‘n Go panel that lets you scan your card.

Tips: We know the beeping sound will not lead to a summon but it will definitely cause unwanted inconvenience. The lifespan of the battery varies between different devices and usage so you would need to count on your ears and estimation.

3. Is safe really better than sorry?

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The glove compartment can be like the Doraemon’s pocket. To store your Smart TAG in there could possibly mean you are up for a scavenger hunt. Though you might think that it’s safer to hide it there from thieves, for you it’s out of sight, out of mind.

Don’ts: Start to dig into your glove compartment as you cruise towards the boom gate.

Do’s: If you have short arms, store your Smart TAG in your door compartment instead.

Tips: Plan your trip ahead and get your Smart Tag ready if you are going to pass by any toll. Store your Smart TAG safely when you no longer need it for the remaining trip.

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4. ‘Tiada SmartTAG’

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Have you played the musical chair game when you were a kid? Almost the same thing here but involving cars. It could be you, the car in front or the one at the back to get the ‘Tiada Smart TAG’ trap. You shouldn’t get close to the car in front if you notice the boom gate doesn’t open (hence the 5 meter distance) or you might mistakenly pay for the car in front of you and he will be on his merry way.

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Don’ts: Go on a high-speed chase for your money back.

Do’s: If you encounter this, remain calm and follow the procedure to transact manually with the card reader or request for assistance. If this is a reoccurring problem, you should look into the root cause and fix it.

Tips: The ‘Tiada Smart TAG’ problem boils down to a few reasons: Your car tinted film is blocking the infrared signals, the battery is not connected properly (design fault), driving too fast (slow down).

5. Power of the hand

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We trust our own hand better than any bracket to hold the Smart TAG or anything in that manner. But if you are going to count on your hands, make sure you are holding facing the right way. Some even leave the Smart TAG on the dashboard and it works for some.

Don’ts: Hold your Smart Tag as if you are going to take a selfie or wefie. Facepalm*

Do’s: The infrared transmitter is located on the black surface and should face the receiver. Notice the receiver and angle the device towards it.

Tips: The provided bracket is actually the best thing to hold the device because it is designed at an optimum angle for your windscreen.

How many times did you actually facepalm using the Smart TAG? Well, my trip often ends up with my forehead looking like a flower horn fish.

Are you using a Smart Tag? Share the most embarrassing moment of your life in the fast lane!

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