Silicone or Rubber Windshield Wipers?

Silicone or Rubber Windshield Wipers?

We all can agree that windshield wipers aren’t the most attractive part of a car. But it’s undeniable that our wipers plays a crucial role to keep our windscreen clear for safe driving.

The Malaysian weather can be pretty harsh and unpredictable. So it’s understandable that we want the best possible wipers.

Shopping for good wiper blades today is more than just walking into a shop a grab one. Unlike before, wiper blades now come in different materials and style to suit your preference but which one is better?

Here are some quick comparison between silicone and rubber windshield wipers.


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There are no windshield wipers that could last a lifetime. If there are any windshield wipers that requires no replacement, no retailers would want to sell them anyway.

Silicone windshield wipers out-performs rubber ones when it comes to durability. If you are looking for wiper blades that will withstand the hot weather, silicone is the way to go. Organic rubber will harden quickly when exposed to heat and become ineffective.

Pro Tip: When your car is parked, lift the wipers up to prevent it from deforming by heat.


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When silicone windshield wipers were first introduced to the market, the price as compared to rubber wipers is relatively higher. That is not the case today because you can easily find silicone windshield wipers from as low as RM30 onward depending on your car model.

You can buy a set of rubber windshield wipers around RM20 but to replace them more frequently means that you are spending more money in the long run. You do the math.

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Pro Tip: If you find a pair of wipers that work perfectly on your windshield, grab a few extra sets.


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As the silicone windshield wipers slide across, a layer of hydrophobic coat is left behind. That layer is actually a thin layer of silicone which causes rainwater to bead up and occasionally bounce off.

When water doesn’t stick on the windshield, you don’t have to use the wipers that frequently and still get safe visibility. Rubber wiper blades are usually coated with graphite but leave no protective layer behind whatsoever.

Pro Tip: Lifespan of a windshield wiper is around 6-8 months, get it replaced for best performance.

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You will notice that rubber windshield wipers will screech because of the graphite coating, especially when it’s drizzling. Rainwater acts like a lubricant for rubber windshield wipers.

Silicone windshield wipers are generally softer in nature as compared to the rubber ones. Being soft, it will tend to skip when there’s not enough water. However, after a few wipes it will operate quietly due to the silicone layer it leaves behind.

Pro Tip: Be careful of coating products that you use on the windshield as it will affect the behaviour of the wipers.

After all that has been said, do understand that windshield wipers whether it’s rubber or silicone behave differently on every windshield. The best windshield wiper is the one that is efficient for your car’s windshield.

Keep your windshields as clean as possible from contaminants will improve your wipers’ efficiency and lifespan. Windshield wipers are meant to remove water but not bird poo.


Do you have a go-to brand when it comes to windshield wipers and which one do you currently use; rubber or silicone?

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