Safety tips for driving on the highway when it's raining

Safety tips for driving on the highway when it’s raining

Driving in Malaysia, there is no escape from heavy downpour throughout the year. Rain or shine, as a driver we travel a lot and it is important we are in control of the vehicle regardless of the weather conditions.

But is driving in the rain any different from driving in clear weather? A quick answer is yes.

Your car especially its tyres and brakes perform at lower efficiency when it’s damp. Here are the things you can do to ensure your safety as you brave the traffic in the rain.

Use both hands

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Hold on to the steering wheel with both hands so that you won’t get caught by surprise. Switch on the headlights, not for yourself but for other drivers to see you easily from a distance.

Maintain a safe distance

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Your tyres will behave differently on wet surfaces as it loses its grip slightly. Maintain a safe distance to allow your car enough time to come to a stop.

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Water puddle

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Malaysian roads are not known to be of the best condition. When you come across water puddle ahead of you, try to avoid it safely if possible. However, if you are forced to drive over the puddle, steer straight while letting off the accelerator slowly.

Splash surprise

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Be careful of water splash caused by the other cars speeding over puddles of water. You will totally lose visibility of the road for a few seconds but don’t panic. Steer straight and do not brake to a halt or else the car behind will just slam into your bumper.

Changing lanes

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We all know that the traffic miraculously becomes 100 times slower when a drop of water touches the road. We also know that Malaysian drivers are an impatient bunch. Before you change lane, observe carefully as your side mirror may become blurry. Cars without its headlights switched on will only make it worse.

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Fogging window
Foggy windows can be quite annoying especially during the rainy season. How does that happen? A simple explanation is that when the temperature and moisture level outside are greater than inside the car, moisture will condense on the outer glass surface.

Use your windshield wipers and turn up the temperature of your air cond. Another tip is to switch off the recirculation to equalise the temperature and moisture level inside and outside the car.

Are you a better driver in the rain or in clear weather? Tell us what steps do you take as precautions when it’s raining on the highway.

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