Starcharge Aurora 7kW AC EV Charging Station | Type 2 Charger


7kW EV Charger

Suitable for EV, PHEV cars.

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7kW EV Charger Station

Suitable for EV, PHEV cars.

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Product model DH-AC0070XG72

Product power 7kW

Product size 282*406*166mm

Product weight 5.6kg

Communication 4G

Installation method: column type, wall type

Technical indicators Rated power: 7kW

Input voltage: AC220V±20%

Input mode: single-phase three-wire system

Working frequency: 50Hz

Output voltage range: AC220V±20%

Output current range: 0~32A

Working environment temperature: -30℃~55℃

Protection level: IP55, IK10

Material: PC

Charging scene Residential area: above ground and underground

shopping mall


Vehicle operating company

Charging time 6~8h

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