How It's Made: Car Battery

How It’s Made: Car Battery

PANALITE automotive batteries are the result of more than 40 years of experience in battery-manufacturing in Malaysia. Its batteries have been extensively developed to work well in local conditions where tropical climate and extreme heat are the norm.

PANALITE batteries include both the Japanese (JIS) and European (DIN) models. Its maintenance-free range itself took 3 years of research and development to suit our local climate.

CARPUT had the privilege to visit the Panalite manufacturing plant and learn a thing or two about the birth of a car battery. Here are some photos to give you a rough idea about the production of a car battery.

From Scratch: These lead bars are shipped to the plant before shaping into battery components.
Conducting Layers: Ever wonder what is inside of a car battery? These are lead plates.
Distinctive Touch: A factory worker expertly mold the plates together to form a circuit.
Almost There: An inside-look of a car battery made up of 6 cells.
Closing It Up: Once the cells are aligned, the battery is then sealad up using heat.
Charging Up: After sealing, the batteries are then filled with acid and undergo hours of charging.
Finishing Touches: Each battery must pass the load test before being packed for sale.
The Panalite is no ordinary automotive battery. It is uniquely designed for tropical countries to suit local conditions, such as:

√ High ambient temperature
√ High vehicle vibration due to rough roads
√ Outdated charging system, particularly on old vehicles
√ Sluggish vehicle movement in congested city drives
√ Frequent start-stops
√ Weak infrastructure for maintenance
√ Inferior quality of water for topping up

With great design, comes great reliability. Panalite batteries are built with the following characteristics:
√ High-temperature endurance
√ Recovery from deep discharge
√ Resistance to vibrations & bumps
√ High reserve capacity
√ Good cranking ability at low as well as normal temperatures
√ Heavy load endurance
√ Resistance to overcharge
√ Low water loss
√ Low self-discharge
√ Spill-proof / leak-resistant
√ Spark-resistant

We know you want peace of mind during the coming Hari Raya Aidilfitri. With the Panalite batteries, you can focus on what’s important as you greet your family and friends.

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Friendly to your pockets, you can get a brand new battery from as low as RM180. Get your Panalite batteries today using the CARPUT mobile app or call 1800-1800-10.

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