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Choose Roadmaster for the most economical solution.


Roadmaster + Carput

The Roadmaster battery is a sub-brand of Century Motolite Battery and has been in our line-up since 2016. While manufactured in the Philippines, the Roadmaster battery is charged in Ara Damansara. This results in a battery that is cost-friendly but fresh, as it never sits in our warehouse for more than a week.

The Roadmaster battery is suitable for car drivers who want bang for their buck.


Why Buy Century From Carput?


Factory prices for your car, including delivery.


Our average response time is 32 minutes.


Because nobody plans for a car breakdown.


15 Months Warranty/25,000km



For over 50 years, Century has been providing Malaysian drivers with tough, reliable and efficient automotive batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Car Battery Instalments

As low as RM59/month. 0% interest. Debit card accepted.

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Kim Buns
Kim Buns
I used carput app to order a new battery to be delivered the same day. Received phone call from carput informing me that my existing battery bought from carput 11 mths ago was still under warranty. I decided to purchase a new battery anyway as I knew my existing battery was not in good condition although still working. Carput changed my battery in just 15 minutes. The service man was polite and knowledgeable.
Lydia Oon
Lydia Oon
fast service. reliable. knowledgeable team . friendly and polite. will definitely recommend and call again if need help!
Pam Choo
Pam Choo
Its my first time using Carput services. I love how they kept following up to make sure I am informed about when the mechanics are coming. Also appreciate that I can pay via mobile transfer. Definitely will call back for future

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