Double Parking: A Necessary Evil Or An Unnecessary Nightmare?

Double Parking: A Necessary Evil Or An Unnecessary Nightmare?

Double-parking, definitely a controversial topic.

Are you against the practice or do you think it’s a necessary evil?

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Looking for a parking spot around Kuala Lumpur is very much like testing your luck in a roulette. When the situation becomes desperate, Malaysians can be quite artsy when it comes to parking, so why not master the art of double parking.

It can be pretty frustrating to be boxed-in when you are rushing to another place. 

Is everyone doing it? What does the devil and angel on one’s shoulders whispering in one’s ears?

We at CARPUT do not condone double parking but sometimes we understand that it can’t be helped. But here’s what you can do to avoid a serious blow-up.

1. Leave your number if you are going to box someone in

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If you own a business card, leave it at the dashboard. If you don’t, jotting down your phone number will go a long way. Who knows it might even score you a romantic date 😉

Here’s a card for you to write down your phone number once and use it every time you double park. Send us a PM on Facebook to get it! double-park (1)

2. Be within proximity to your car

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Are you confident that you are quick enough to get your errands done? It’s common sense to double park your car near the place you are eating or get your errands done. Be alert to run back to your car the moment you hear someone honking. But if you leave your phone number be prepared for a call from an unfamiliar number.

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3. Leave the gear on neutral and handbrake released

No need so drama one.
No need so drama one.
At some places, especially business centres and government premises, double parking seems to be the norm. To make way for the car you’ve blocked, make sure that your car can be pushed back or forth.

Are you a master in the art of double parking? Or are you the lucky one who always gets the perfect spot?

At CARPUT, we encourage drivers to be respectful of one another. Double parking is not unique to Malaysia alone, so why not we Malaysians show the world that we can be ethical in the art of double parking.

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