5 Ways Your Car's VIN Number Can Benefit You

5 Ways Your Car’s VIN Number Can Benefit You

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number also known as Chassis Number, a string of 17 characters that identifies a car. It’s like a finger print for a car where no two cars made within 30 years of each other have the same number. Where can you find the VIN number for your car? It is typically found in several places like the dashboard and the driver’s side door label. The VIN number may not mean a thing to you if do not know how to decode it. But once you do, you will uncover secrets that may keep your car safe and secure.

1. Number that fights crime

The VIN number is your buddy when you are considering buying a used car. Ask for the number from the seller or dealer to find out if the car has been reported stolen.

Do note that the VIN is located in a few different parts of the car. Make sure that the engine bay VIN matches the ones on the door label.

2. Save your Ringgits with VIN

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You want to pay the fair price for a used car. The VIN number records the car’s full history including registrations, accidents (insurance companies and panel workshops keep track of VINs) and odometer readings (PUSPAKOM). Knowing all these information allow you to make informed choices of your purchase.

3. Ensure your safety using VIN

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By doing a VIN search with The Department of Transportation, you can find out if there are any open recalls on your car. Your car’s manufacture defect may not affect only you but all those in the same manufacturing facility or a particular model. Reports of accident or crashes using VIN will allow you to take precautions and more importantly let manufacturers pinpoint the defects.

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4. How VINs can backfire against you

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You have to take all necessary precautions before buying a new or used car. Criminals are capable of cloning a VIN number by simply copying the VIN number conveniently displayed on the dashboard. Victims will not even realise that the car is a clone until they bring it in for a service or have an accident.

5. Use VIN to quickly recover your missing car

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Keep a photo of your VIN number on your phone. With that, you can save precious time to track down your car’s title in the case that it goes missing. You will more likely to recover your stolen car if you can quickly provide the police with your car’s information.

You can also go the extra step to keep your car safe from theft. Etching your VIN on the windshield and windows of your car will make your car a less enticing target. In short, make it hard for your car to be stolen.

Do you know where to find your VIN number? A little effort to get to know your car’s information will go a long in helping you fight against crime. If you learn something new from this article, share it with your friends and family.

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