- Owning a Car Made Easy All Under One Roof – Owning a Car Made Easy All Under One Roof

Owning a new car represents significant milestone for many because it is a form of social statement that one can be proud of. During the first few weeks, months or even years of ownership, you probably treat your car as the most precious thing you ever had. It is understandable that you want the best for your car when it comes to its appearance and performance.

When vast information become misleading

The next thing you do is research after research on the internet looking for the best luminance head lights, heat and noise insulation, bold rims, unique leather cover, precise dyno test, ultimate entertainment system, tinting, visor and the list continues. No doubt there are tons of information and millions of listings on the web but you will have to spend countless of hours and still not getting the answers you want. Some of the websites are not even local, some are outdated for years and many are no longer operating their business. As such, it is only normal to give up on your search.

The founding of CarKaki

Those days where you have to make do with substandard workmanship and products are over. offers a niche solution on the web where all your car’s enhancement needs are in one place. Bringing the best car detailing centres, car service centres, accessories shops and car dealers into one easy-to-use platform is like a dream come true for car enthusiast and daily drivers. currently cover businesses in Klang Valley with more than 600 listings and the number is growing every day. key features

Whether you are looking for a car wash, polish, coating, maintenance, repair, window tinting, spare parts, accessories or dealership, allows you to navigate through the website to search and browse for a specific category of services with ease. Using GPS to pinpoint your location, efficiently guide you to your nearest service provider.

All listings are carefully selected and filtered to provide car owners peace of mind. Each listing includes important details such as address and direction, contact information, types of services provided, photos and videos, social media profiles and direct messaging feature through Facebook.

Users can easily rate and review their experience with service providers. This review system will give a more competitive edge for service providers as well as building a rapport with potential customers.

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Service providers are welcome to claim or create a new listing for all automotive services with There are no charges imposed for the listing service.

Curious to learn more? Visit or contact [email protected] for any inquiries.

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