Meet Your New Best Friend, Captain CARPUT

Accidents. Dead battery. Worn out tyres. Warning, warning and more warning lights. If you are a driver and have close to zero clues after reading the first line, read on (or just download the CARPUT app already) – because not all of us have a grease monkey buddy to get all those questions answered.

Chances are you ask a friend who you thought knows about cars better than you but they aren’t always available. Hence, we thought that the app should have something, something heroic. In this update (app version 1.8) you’ll find Captain CARPUT ready with some guides and tips that you don’t learn in driving schools.

What is Captain CARPUT? It is a collection of information that we think will be really useful for drivers and passengers on the road. It’s not an encyclopedia but we are pretty sure there is something for everyone. Here are the information that could help you on the road.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Probably our proudest ‘invention’. Have a hard time decoding your car’s warning lights? You just have to tap on the icon you want to understand better. No more flipping through the owner’s manual.

Each warning light comes with an explanation and the best course of action to get it fix.

Car Accident Guide

From the scene of the accident to getting your car fixed, you will know what to do to get out of that stressful situation.

Tyre Maintenance

Have no clue about tyre maintenance? Don’t sweat it because you will learn all about tyre maintenance under one tab.

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Jumpstarting a Car

Jumpstarting a car is easy if you know the right step and having the right tools with you.

Have any tips or guides you would like to share? Hook us up and be part of Captain CARPUT. Download the CARPUT app today to access Captain CARPUT anytime at your own convenience!

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