7 Most Daring Ways Drivers Hold Their Steering Wheels... And Which One Is You?

7 Most Daring Ways Drivers Hold Their Steering Wheels… And Which One Is You?

Most steering wheels come in the same standard shape, which is round. But the same can’t be said for the ways drivers hold their steering wheels. Combining all those styles and method, we imagine it can actually form the Wing Chun martial art system. Check out how drivers actually hold the steering wheels and some of these are NSFD (not safe for driving).

1. Captain’s Style

Biseps alert! Not really sure why some drivers maneuver like that. Maybe that method allows the driver to exert enough strength to turn the wheels, especially it’s not a powered steering. Definitely doesn’t look macho though when you grab the steering wheel that way. But who are we to judge?

2. Dom mess with me style

Photo credit: www.indiewire.com
Total confident with just one hand on the steering wheel. Especially if the car is a manual, the driver would prefer their left hand on the gear shift almost all the time. If you are driving an auto, you can do it with either the left or right hand. It can be quite comfortable to have the left elbow resting on the arm-rest while cruising on the highway.

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3. The honker

Photo credit: www.epermittest.com
Unless you are giving the horn a good massage, it’s almost impossible to manoeuvre your car into any turning like that.

4. The Itadaki-drive-su

Photo credit: www.seattlepi.com
Taking the advice of ‘don’t let your food go cold’ seriously. You do not want a Ramli burger in between the airbag and your face. Not a pretty sight for sure.

5. Steering to the knee style

Photo Credit: heymannowyourereallyliving.com
Pretty sure you’ve attempted to drive without your hands at least once. But please try not to do this ok? Unless you have mutated knees with fingers then go ahead.

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6. The must-Whatsapp-all-the-time

Photo credit: robertdebry.com
Don’t text and drive. You know the reason why.

7. The roti canai

photo credit: drivinginstructorblog.com
Leave the making of roti canai to the professionals. You could over-steer or under-steer and the next thing you know, your car end up in the drain.

How do you usually hold the steering wheel? Don’t risk your own safety as well as other road users. Stay safe on the road, guys!

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