Automotive assist is a traditional, untouched business in Malaysia. Nobody wants to take the lead to innovate, and we’ve been stuck with unscrupulous service “professionals”, who have been widely known to take advantage of unfavourable situations. So what about the traditional automotive memberships? A yearly subscription that promises to solve any of your roadside headaches – that sounds fantastic. However, after speaking to real customers, we’ve noticed that the response time isn’t great and true transparency is unavailable for both the consumer and the service professional. Besides, if you break down once every two years, you’ll end up paying more for your yearly subscription than a service you use. Effectively, you’re paying for peace of mind. Automotive Assist V1 (yes, that’s what we’re calling it) also has unnecessary layers. AAV1 is best illustrated through a scenario: A driver’s car breaks down and he calls the insurance company for a roadside assist. The insurance company contacts a third party automotive assist company, which then contacts the tow truck driver. The third party automotive assist company calls the insurance company back to inform that the tow truck driver is on the way, and that information is relayed back to the driver, and the waiting begins. This scenario got us thinking. We can do better. In today’s day and age, we shouldn’t be made to wait for long periods of times, especially in distress, not knowing if and when help is arriving. We could do something on mobile. What if there was a “Rescue Me” button on our mobile phones? Let’s make a “Rescue Me” button. Let’s use technology to disrupt this space. CARPUT is the automotive assist revolution in South East Asia. The Automotive Assist V2, where we celebrate the on-demand culture of Malaysians today. We want to democratize peace of mind, in other words, we want you to stop paying for memberships you don’t need. We want to give Malaysians the level of service that we deserve and to provide the transparency, reliability and safety that we crave for. Be it a new car battery change, or a jump-start, we’re there. If you need help when your tyre’s gone flat, we’re there. Need petrol delivery? We’re there. If you need a tow, we’re there. The beauty about CARPUT is that a user is able to track in real time the ETA’s and the service professional who will be attending to the problem. We will always assign the nearest service professional to attend to the breakdown. Through automation and optimization, Malaysian drivers will now be able to get help quicker and reducing the safety risks of having a car break down. Our technology also allows for user feedbacks so we can properly channel true and honest feedback so that our service professionals are invested in accountability and the need to improve. Is the market ready for what we’re about to offer? We’ve launched our Beta and the response is promising. We are tying up with more and more partners as we progress and we believe that it’s time to embrace Automotive Assist V2. It’s easier, safer, quicker and more reliable. So, the next time your car kaputs.. Think CARPUT! CARPUT is available on the Google Play Store and we will be releasing our App Store version very, very soon. Want to be the first to know? Drop us an email at [email protected]