5 Nifty Tricks You Can Do Easily For Better Driving

5 Nifty Tricks You Can Do Easily For Better Driving

A car is probably one of the most used forms of transportation today. At some point in your life, you must have driven or ridden a car. Although the car is reliable to get you from point A to point B, it is not totally problem-free. These tips will not make you a certified mechanic or solve the worst driving habits but it can help make your drive a little less stressful.

Check out these 5 hacks for your car and driving pleasure!

1. Cool Down in Seconds

Photo credit: endurancewarranty.com
Going into your car when it’s parked under the mid-day heat can be a roasting experience. First, roll down the window on the passenger side. Then on the driver’s side, open and close the door for five to ten times. The cooler air outside will rush into the car forcing the heat out. You will immediately have a cooler cabin in less than 1 minute.

2. Using Your Mirrors Right

Photo Credit: www.caranddriver.com
Most of us think that the correct position of our side mirrors is angled to display the flank of our car and the road behind it. To avoid blind spots, safety experts now believe that side mirrors should be positioned so that no part of your car appears in them.

3. Audio Tape Player Deck

Photo credit: www.wired.com
If you still have the old school cassette radio deck, use it to hold a more modern tech. Given it a new found role, it is no longer just a dust collector.

4. Need A Place To Hold Your Trash?

Photo credit: toyorganizersonline.com
You can buy a cheap cereal container almost anywhere. The container makes the perfect trash can.

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5. Stop weighing down your key chain

Photo credit: wonderfulengineering.com
You do not want to mess up your car’s ignition. Having too much weight hanging off the car key when it’s in ignition will cause the switch to fail. The weight and bouncing while you drive will wear the inside of the ignition.

For as long as there have been drivers, there have been innovative drivers who have thought of some genius lifehack to their driving issues.

Do you have your own creative way to make your journey more pleasant? Why not share it with your friends?

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