Ever wonder what are the necessary things to be kept in the car trunk or in the glove box compartment? In a standard configuration, every vehicle will be equipped with a basic toolkit  However, these items will not be sufficient. Here are five emergency items you might want to have in your car!


flashlight Emergency It’s dark and cold in the middle of nowhere. Flash away all your fears and those of the alternate universe. Boo….! The item Flashlight should be water and shock resistant. A good flashlight will provide optimal visibility in all conditions. Your mobile phone won’t do if you need a wide area illumination. Using it Even though help may not arrive at the speed of light, your good ol’ flashlight will give you the extended protection while you wait to get back to civilisation!


Emergency It’s not about the destination. It’s the journey that counts. Even when you break down at the middle of the road. The item Not every car is equipped with that reflective triangle. Da heck?! Get one at your nearest car accessories outlet. Some cars have it easy with the reflector attached to the trunk cover. Just pop it open and voilà! Using it Shine bright like a diamond~ No! Diamonds don’t shine, they reflect so does the reflective triangle. Place it approximately 15 metres away from the vehicle to give a distance from the ongoing traffic. In some cases, for certain models of vehicle, flares are available. And yes, flares do shine bright!


Emergency A gentleman carries a handkerchief with him all the time. A good driver always keep a used cloth in the car. The item Throwing away your unwanted clothes? Don’t! Use them as rags for your car. Using it It’s super useful when you are doing a basic check up on the vehicle’s engine, gearbox, brake oil level while keeping your hands clean. Find new leaks by wiping off the oil stain in engine bay and get to the source of the leakage.


Emergency Your vehicle turned-turtle and you are stucked to the car seat. The seat belt is never letting you go! The item It’s totally legal to keep a seat belt cutter in the car. Store it in the glove box so you can reach it easily. Using it Seat belt cutter is meant for cutting the seat belt and breaking the glass during an emergency as it has a sharp edge at the bottom and all you need to do is aim and hit it to break the glass and evacuate immediately to a safer ground.


Emergency Sh*t happens, period. Wiring short circuit, overheated engine caused by leakage, major collisions to the front, you name it. The item Do you have a fire extinguisher in your car? Not every car has it but for some of the new model of cars are equipped with a 1 litre ABC Powder fire extinguisher which located below the dashboard area on the passenger side. Using it Prevent the fire from spreading as much as you can. 
How many of these items do you currently have in your car? Let us know what other emergency items should be in this list by sending us a love letter at [email protected] 😉 Car breakdown? Think CARPUT! Download the CARPUT app today for car battery change, jumpstarts, towing, flat tyre help and emergency petrol delivery!