As every parent know, kids are full of energy and have short attention span! If you’re always commuting with kids in your car, here are five ways to keep your kids happy and entertained.


Bring a bag of pennies along for this game. All passengers – except the driver – try to balance as many coins as possible along their forearms before they fall off.


315005546_d1eea43365_b Photo credit: Now, every car has an odometer. Challenge your kids to guess the estimated distances. During the trip, ask them to guess how far you’ll travel to reach a certain point in kilometres, for example, a bus station, a tall building, a billboard, you choose! You’ll be surprise how everyone will improve in their estimating skills after each game. Just reset the odometer and keep the challenge going! TIP: Use this opportunity to teach your kids about the landmarks or get them to recognise the routes.


istock_000026967103_medium Photo credit: Tell your child a true story in your life and as you tell it, sneak in a few silly jokes. At the end, ask your kids to guess which parts were untrue. TIP: Let your kids have their turn to tell stories. You will have the opportunity to let your kids open up to you about their problems or best yet, something they want to celebrate.


In a rush-hour traffic, you can designate someone the official timer, using a phone with a timer. Each time the car stops, everyone calls out how many seconds they think it will be before the car starts moving again. The official timer will determine the winner who best guess.


google-alphabet Photo credit: Players will try to find the letters of the alphabet in order by looking at passing license plates, billboards, road signs, and all other signage. The first person to complete the alphabet wins. This game is versatile, you can also get your kids to look for items that begin with each letter.


– Driving with kids can often be messy. Pack extra change of clothes for spills and also for the uh-oh moments. For easy cleanups, keep a box of wet wipes and a roll of paper towels. – Kids will have their favourite own stuff, so take your toddler’s blanket and pillow along for the ride. It’s like a friendly scent in a strange big world out there! – Snacks are alright in this exception. Eating is also a task for your kids to do, but choose the snacks wisely because too much sugar will get your kids to turn into a maniac. – Travel toys can also be tricky. Toys will grow stale quickly and you will need to find a selection of things they hasn’t seen before. – You will need all the extra time you can get to arrive on time. Stopping for feedings, diaper change and a breather is the same law of nature for car rides. Car rides can provide time for family members to really get to know one another, time to share experience, time to connect. Driving with young children is its own special kind of journey. When parents are willing to match their children’s needs, interest and pace, everyone can have a good time. If we get this right and tackle all the “Are we there yet?” laments the right way, we can plan car trips that work!
We want to help you make your daily commute pleasant while having kids in the car. The last thing you want is a broken down car with your kids in it. Download the CARPUT app today for car battery change, jumpstarts, towing, flat tyre help and emergency petrol delivery! Like this post?