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Wangsa Maju Battery Delivery Service

FREE Delivery & Installation, arrive in 35 minutes!


Highly Rated Service in Wangsa Maju

Our team at Carput is proud to be able to offer our car battery delivery, towing, flat tyre and jumpstart services to Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur residents who are having trouble starting their cars!


Wangsa Maju is one of the largest townshops in Kuala Lumpur and is a major residential area for the students of TARC & UTAR. To optimise our service level and efficiency, we have a dedicated Carput Van assigned to Wangsa Maju to better serve our customers.

Roadside Assist Services in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur

Carput's Customers

The technician that handled my case was En Nasrul. He was punctual. Managed to be at my place within the given time, 30 minutes. He was knowledgeable and shared few tips with me. I definitely would recommend CARPUT apps for others. Hassle free and trusted.

Aesha Farhana

Vios Battery
THEY EVEN OPEN ON SUNDAY! So great! They picked up the call asap & come by in just 35 minutes. Their technician is also great! He explains some stuff too. Overall experience 5/5! Would definitely be using their service forever

Sophie Azra

Myvi Battery

I’ve been using Carput services since 2019 and until now its still my best choice. Easy, high tech, reliable, all the good things they provided to the fullest. I really satisfied with their services , very recommended. I wish Carput will go further and hopefully become successful in the future by expand their services across entire Malaysia. Thanks !


Bezza Battery

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