Drive Smart: 7 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Petrol Tank

Drive Smart: 7 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Petrol Tank

The petrol budget takes up a huge portion of an average Malaysian driver. Your constant struggle to free up your cash for other things does not get any easier with the unpredictable petrol prices.

Have you ever thought that changing your driving habits for the better could actually help you save on petrol bills?

Check out these 7 tips to help you lower down your fuel consumption.

Tips to save petrol

1. Slow down

Dropping from 110 km/h to 90 km/h could save you up to 25% in fuel. If you are one smaller roads, slowing down from 80 km/h to 60 km/h could save another 10%. Get your tortoise mode on!

2. Accelerate Smoothly

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Travelling at constant speed (follow the speed limit) will go a long way to help reduce your petrol bill. Overtaking is unavoidable, but it’s silly to accelerate past a car just to be in front of it at the traffic lights . If you are a patient driver, you will have lower fuel bills. Agree?

3. Reduce Unnecessary Weight

Check your load often as you might not know how much weight you’ve accumulated in your car. Clear up your boot and don’t drive around stuff you don’t need. Just like a human body, your car consumes more fuel to transport more weight.

4. Avoid The Rush Hour

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This is pretty evident. More time spent on traffic, your car burns more fuel. Plan your journey will help you avoid being stuck in traffic. Check your Waze for unusual traffic jams or accidents before making your journey.

5. Stay Aerodynamic

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Wind drag is one of the worst enemy of fuel economy. By rolling your windows down, you instantly increase wind drag by allowing the wind to flow into the cabin instead of over the body of the car.

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6. Sensible Driving

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To accelerate and then braking hard at speed bumps is uneconomical for your fuel consumption. Anticipate the traffic in front of you especially when driving in heavy traffic. The less frequent you have to brake and accelerate, the less fuel you’ll use.

7. Car Maintenance

Look after your car and it will reward you handsomely with lower fuel bills. Make sure your car is operating smoothly and burning fuel efficiently. Fuel economy starts with good wheel alignment, properly inflated tyres, clean filters and an efficient spark plug.

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