7 Things You Can Only Share With Your Good Friends

7 Things You Can Only Share With Your Good Friends

There are certain things you only share with your best friend. It feels like no one else understands, but there is one person who is always there for you.

You can reveal anything to your best friend knowing that you will not be judged. Because of that, there are certain activities you will only do together for the ultimate fun!

What do you share with your other half in this BFF club of yours?

1. Share Your Food

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The food you eat defines the person you are. So when it comes to sharing food, it is not something you can openly perform with anyone. In the matter of hygiene, you will grab your best friend’s spoon and have a taste of their macha ice-cream without a second thought. You both don’t have a problem ingesting each other’s saliva and germs because that only makes your friendship stronger.

2. You Feel Shameless Without Wearing Makeup/Hair Wax

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Regardless if you are a guy or a girl, you are at your most vulnerable without your make up or when your hair is a mess at home. You can be who you truly are at their presence without worrying about that gigantic pimple that is actually ruining your life.

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3. Secret Language or Signs Only You Both Understand

The way you move your eyebrow tells your BFF a million words. Only your best friend gets your wink and know what is going on in your head. You and your best friend communicate better than a team of SWAT trying to get a message across.

4. Embarrassing Moments from the Past

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Remember your most embarrassing moment i.e. You made a full split in the public toilet and tear your favourite jeans. Your best friend is there to help the best they can, but without laughing their heads off first. You will not make it out of the situation without them by your side to give you moral support or physical help. It is moments like this that you both share as a secret and laugh together from time to time.

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5. Your nemesis

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There are certain people that you secretly dislike, be it your co-worker, mutual friend, or just someone you barely know but hate them for no reason. “Ok I hate them too. Your enemy is my enemy!” No questions asked, your best friend is always on your side of the ‘war’.


6. Your Embarrassing Diet Regime

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You finished 5 packs of nasi lemak and on top of that 2 large cups of bubble milk tea in one go. You feel awful and the only person you confess to is your best friend. You know your BFF will not put you down and instead will be your partner at the gym after those monstrous meals.

7. Act Really Stupid Together

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You and your BFF know how to make each other’s stomach cramp from laughter. You can act crazy in front of anyone just to make them smile but deep down you know your BFF appreciates your jokes the most. With your BFF, you can both act your craziest and stupidest together. Nothing beats the comfort level you both share.

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